Sample Literature Essays on What is Literature for you

Literature is like a marked space where different writers can communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings through writing the reader. The writer and the reader can develop unique meanings to a specific text concerning their context and life experiences. Through these diverse perspectives, the words get to take a life of their own related to these meanings. The writings could be decades or centuries old but can still be related to in present time such as Robert Frost’s poems and the works of Shakespeare the playwright.

Literature resounds the heart of humankind, and its meaning lies in the eyes of the beholder. It’s for this reason that one cannot merely judge or examine a work of literature on a personal level of like and hate.

With quality exposure to literature, you get to understand that every text is central to our culture and way of living and thus has the power to transform our view of the world. I read a love poem in class, and it made me attach to personal and societal areas in my life that I had lost sight of. I was to think clearer, open up and re-engage with my class on things I had always taken for granted.

Literature is the most fun and enjoyable way to empower one’s perceptions and ideologies of society. Taking us through the mindsets of different people and enabling us to see life through their lenses. I played the role of a male pauper in a class play about a Cuban swimmer and as funny as that seemed, it gave me a different perspective on how life can be so similar for everyone yet also different for persons of different economic statuses.

Books have had a significant impact on the formation of the society today. Before TV, there was not much to do except for reading books. Thus, for generations, this including my grandparents, parents and now me, literature is still indirectly forming us into who we are.