Sample Literature Paper on Persuasion by Jane Austen

In the second last chapter of Persuasion, chapter 23, the theme of love is evident. After a lengthy period of secret admiring each other, Anne and Captain Wentworth proclaim their long-standing desire for each other. As they engage in their romantic conversation, Anne exclaim, “If I was wrong to persuasion once, remember that it was persuasion exerted on the side of safety, not risk. When I yielded, I thought it was to duty, but no duty could be called in aid here. In marrying a man indifferent to me, all risk would have been incurred, and all duty violated”. Anne says these words to convince him of the reasons that made her reject the initial proposal eight years ago.

Although the central theme of the entire chapter and book is persuasion, Anne makes a rational justification of persuasion when she concludes that it was right for her to be convinced by her friend Lady Russell to decline Wentworth’s initial proposal for marriage. She feels persuaded that there were need and duty to her task as to safety. The most notable aspect is how Ann employs rationality and composure in her justification.

The entire chapter is filled with several instances and efforts of persuasion. After jotting down a letter, Wentworth is persuaded to put down a note for Anne expressing his love for her. On another case, as if suspecting something, Charles manages to convince Anne that he accompany her as she walks home. When the pair begin their conversation in the streets, they are confident that the people walking past them do not realize their emotions. After a lengthy chat, both Anne and Wentworth yield to persuasion that this was the right moment for them to disclose their feelings for each other.  After persuasion, each party feels overwhelming joy before departing to enjoy their afternoon.

From my position, everyone gains contentment after been persuaded the things that are happening now are the right ones. After several attempts to win over Anne, she is still not convinced it is the right time. She feels right to decline the proposal then but gradually; she begins to gain contentment after been persuaded by reason and practicality, it is the right time and thing to do