Sample Literature Review Paper on Authentic Leadership Mentoring

Please help me write an introduction to a literature Review on Authentic Leadership Mentoring for Diverse Inclusiveness in Higher Education; A Christian Perspective.

I want to argue that Christian Authentic Leadership promotes diversity and inclusion because it helps better develop a culture of universal respect and compassion equally toward individual differences.

Below is my thesis for a paper on needing Authentic Leadership. (Can you help bring this to once sentence)

Many higher education institutions hold certifications and college degrees in diversity and inclusion. More is needed in today’s diverse global world to develop authentic leaders that can better mentor diversity and inclusion. To many individuals are excluded in organizations today due to individual differences.

Some research I did …

The theory of authentic leadership was develop in 2003 from a published book by Professor Bill George (George, 2003). According to George (2003), authentic leadership theory is where leaders need to be more real and genuine in their actions and behaviors. However, the authentic leadership theory is presently still being reviewed and developed today for improvements.
Overall, five Personal Characteristics for Authentic Leadership are for leaders to:
1. Have a clear sense of purpose followers see
2. Show they have distinct values culturally
3. Strive to build positive relationships that were developed from genuine behaviors
4. Hold themselves to meet set goals and have the self-discipline to live up to set values
5. Have genuine heart by showing others they are open to learning and understanding others compassionately