Sample Management Case Study on Trade Joe’s Case study

Book Required: Management by John R. Schermerhorn and Daniel D. Bachrach. 14th John
Wiley & Sons Inc. ISBN-13: 9781119497653
1. Please take a look at the Trade Joe’s Case study 1 in Management book. Please do not
restrict yourself only this case study writing, go for other articles about Trader Joe’s
management approaches and strategies.
a. What ways does Trader Joe’s demonstrate the importance of each responsibility in the
management process-planning, organizing, leading, and controlling? (20 points)
b. What lessons does the Trader Joe’s story offer to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to
get off to a good start in any industry? (15 points)
2. Explain why the external environment is so important in the open-systems view of
organizations. (10 points)
3. Please take a look at the Zara’s Case study in Management book. Please do not restrict
yourself only this case study writing, go for other articles about Zara’s management
approaches and strategies. In what ways are elements of the classical management and
behavioral management approaches evident in how things are done at Zara International?
How can systems concepts and contingency thinking explain the success of some of
Zara’s distinctive practices? (25 points)
4. Please look at the Warby Parker Case study in Management book.
a. In what ways can a newer, smaller competitor “punch above its weight” by taking
advantage of the Internet? How can the Internet be applied as a tool to help businesses
avoid some of the costs associated with doing business following more conventional or
“old school” approaches? How do you see the balance of power in industries like the
eyewear industry shifting as customers become more comfortable buying eyewear
online? (10 points)
b. What impact does Warby Parker’s decision to donate a pair of eyeglasses for every pair
purchased from them have on customers’ perceptions of the company? How does Warby
Parker’s focus on being a great place to work influence how the company is seen in the
market? (10 points)
5. A small outdoor clothing company has just received an attractive offer from a business in
Bangladesh to manufacture its work gloves. The offer would allow for substantial cost
savings over the current supplier. The company manager, however, has read reports that
some Bangladeshi businesses break their own laws and operate with child labor. How
would differences in the following corporate responsibility strategies affect the manager’s
decision regarding whether to accept the offer: obstruction, defense, accommodation, and
proaction? (10 points)