Sample Management Essay on Mailroom Vulnerability

Mailroom Vulnerability

In the past years, there have been regular terrorist activities that incorporated use of bomb attacks. As a result, they caused individuals to lose their innocent lives and also destroyed properties. This research intends to reveal ways of reducing use of facilities that is liable to bomb attacks.  It focuses on mailroom that gets packages as risky entry points.

Study seeks to analyze activities that relate with these suspicious packages. Wary parcels or enclosed information that is delivered via mail have the potential of harming individuals on the receiving end. They can also cause destruction to the facility that is used to receive them. It is evident that no person of company is secured when it comes to receiving mail packages that are dangerous (Craighead, 2003, p. 344).

Exterior configuration of equipments is vital because it diminishes exposure to bomb attacks. This arrangement incorporates physical restriction that is enough lighting system and fences.  They secure facilities by reducing the attack by use of bombs. This is via detecting visitors and vehicles especially when they are at a distance of 300 meters. In this regard, mail rooms are given special attention. This is because they serve as a place whereby individuals can access or get out of an organization premise with their parcels or mails.

It is significant for members who work in the mail room to have skills to detect packages that are suspicious. It is also recommended to set aside an area to screen suspicious parcels and it should not be distant with the mail room. In addition, there should be a policy to ensure that envelopes that access the organization are processed in mail room. If a package that is suspicious is found, it is important leave the premises immediately and to call the police.



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