Sample Management Essay on Organizational Restructuring after Implementation of Customer Relationship Management

Organizational Restructuring after Implementation of Customer Relationship Management

A firm that promotes customer relationship management plan CRM tends to boost its operation in business by use of appropriate plans. This concept of CRM is vital because it orients the function of clients via integrating production. In this regard, firms need to reform its manufacturing procedures to restore brands and services that satisfy its consumers.

To accomplish this, organizations need to come up with effective cultures of conducting interviews and research. This is beneficial because it enables the firm to evaluate on the feedback of their customers to know their needs. The key code of consumer relationship management revels that it is less expensive to maintain a client than rush to new ones. This implies that the CRM plan should concentrate on fulfilling the requirements of the current customers. To accomplish this, there is need for an organization to embrace culture that enhances teamwork.

This should be applied in all sections of the company to improve on ways of communication and foster loyalty among clients. A CRM implementation plan incorporates two major principles. These include the technological aspects that promote the procedure and a wide range of effective strategies. Clearly, consumer relationship management embraces coordination in various functional sections of a firm (Berndt et al. 84). Usual operations that are related with the CRM concept include quality assurance, marketing and sales activities.

Furthermore, during the application of the CRM plan, it is vital for the firm to redistribute duties. For instance, this should be inclusive of the IT experts to evaluate on the entire process. In this situation, there is the need of a supervisor to administer the implementation. Technology innovations should be part of the CRM strategies. Thus is to determine the behavior of clients and their requirements. It is also beneficial for organizations to embrace standardized data bases to enhance transparency.


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