Sample Management Essays on Business Writing

Business Writing

Activity 1

In business, writing is composed of different essential elements including source, receiver, message, channel, feedback, environment, context, and interference (Hutchins, 2015). Notably, the article Doing Business In 2015 by the World Bank has been used to provide information that can be used by 189 countries around the globe (World Bank, 2015). The main message of the report is to provide entrepreneurial data and modern developments in business that can affect the growth of the targeted states.

World Bank uses its website as the channel of communication where users can download the text and send feedback through application of the recommended solutions. The report will be used by the governments of the respective countries to enhance business development among its citizens. This will help to increase productivity and overall growth in these states.  The interference for this form of communication is the availability of the internet to both the sender and the receiver (Bargiela-Chiappini, & Nickerson, 2014). Consequently, while my colleague  X believe that the report meets all the essentials in good business writing, Y asserts that it fails to elaborate on the best channel to be used in sharing the information.

Activity 2

Learning how to write especially in business requires the mastery of different skills including analytical skills, creativity and innovation, good grammar, and the use of different stylistic approaches.  Considerably, I learned how to write through constant practice and extensive understanding of both language and communication methods. This involved reading business articles and understanding its essentials and structure.

My strengths in writing include good grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, subject-verb agreement and endurance. However, I have different weakness including reluctance in editing, phobia about fiction and over using transitional words.  Seemingly, to reduce the effects of these shortcomings I need to develop a constant reading habit to reduce the number of errors made in writing.



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