Sample Management Essays on CrossFit

In the recent past, the term, “CrossFit” has gained increased popularity in the fitness world. It typically involves power fitness of high intensity. Consequently, it has attracted a lot of debate with some arguing in favor while others have argued against it. Amongst the exercises typical of CrossFit are, explosive movement of bodyweight, weightlifting, kettlebells, and jumping, among others. While the cross-arguments can be vastly explored, this paper looks at its main advantage and disadvantage.

The main advantage of CrossFit is that it strengthens the body physically. As already mentioned, CrossFit involves exercises of high intensity coupled with multi-movement of joints. These play a critical role in building the strength of muscles and overall body stamina. Indeed, adding weights to workouts stresses the muscles and as a result, produces gains in terms of muscle strength. In essence, the involved routines challenge the muscles and when repeated over a set period, has a strengthening effect on the muscles.

On the downside, CrossFit also has a major disadvantage. This is about the injury risks posed by the exercises involved in CrossFit. Considering the involved routines, the injury risk is naturally higher in comparison to regular gym workouts. The risk is even more pronounced in instances where those involved are either amateurish or engage in CrossFit blindly and without proper direction. Amongst the likely injuries are turned ankle, broken fingers, and sprains. Nonetheless, inherent danger cannot be claimed. The most prone to injuries are the newcomers that rush to jump into the deep end without regard to the need to slowly transition.

While the mentioned advantage and disadvantage are the main, others are associated with CrossFit. However, it is a wide aspect of fitness that needs further exploration and research.