Sample Management Essays on Culture within Project Management

The organizational culture influences the nature and type of project a company engages in. As such, project management occurs within the confines of culture representing the assumptions, values, beliefs, and people engaged in a project. Organizational culture embeds values and ideals that determine how a project is managed and executed.

The role played by employees in a project, as well as their functions in a company constitute the organizational culture. The organizational culture shapes an organization’s structures and the projects it pursues. The projects that align with the organization are easily implemented and have increased chances of success (Stare, 2012).  As follows, companies rely on organizational cultures to determine the project worth pursuing and investing in. This allows firms to generate long-term benefits through projects in a highly competitive business environment.

Organizational culture defines the personality of an organization. Importantly, organizational culture represents assumptions, beliefs, values, norms, and people (Stare, 2012). Culture is unique and multifaceted as the same person placed in a different organization will act differently. The culture creates social ideas that guide the behavior and performance of workers (Stare, 2012). The organizational culture is an instrument used to instigate employee commitment towards an organization’s values and mission.

Organizational culture influences project management structure.  The ideals and values instilled by culture define how projects are managed and executed (Stare, 2012).   Additionally, ideas and values influence the behaviors of project managers, teams and stakeholders, and thus impact how smoothly a project is executed. The success of a project involving broad arrays of people is dependent on how managers issue directions in line with an organization’s mission and values.

Successful projects are those that align with the culture of the sponsoring organization. The culture determines how project stakeholders behave and which particular project an organization desires to pursue. Projects involving broad arrays of people rely on ideas and values to deliver a project as per the expectations.




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