Sample Management Essays on Environmental Scan for BlendJet One

BlendJet One wants to expand its global presence to other established markets. The primary objective of such expansionary tactics is to remain competitive and relevant in the global industry. Therefore, the company aims to explore more opportunities in the United Kingdom (UK) market. Various factors affect the international marketing of the BlendJet product.

External Environmental Analysis

Political Implications. The United Kingdom has a relatively stable political environment backed by well-established systems of governance. Accordingly, BlendJet will benefit from such stabilities through adequate rules and control on market competition. Nevertheless, thehigh VAT rate of 20%will increase the company’s operational costs in the targeted host market.

Economic Implications. The UK economy is presently doing well after its speedy recovery from the 2008-2009 global financial crises. Accordingly, BlendJet will benefit from the positive increase in market performance, thus increasing its chances of survival in the UK market. Furthermore, UK consumers have higher disposable incomes and technological perceptive, making purchases highly likely through various online platforms.

Socio-cultural Implications. Changing attitudes towards health and fitness in the UK is a boost to BlendJet products. Furthermore, the product is unique and increases desire for healthy drinks and active lifestyles. BlendJet is targeting individuals with busy working schedules with the innate desire for workout. The compact lightweight blender is ideal and the consumers can easily tuck it into gym bags or briefcases, making it a healthy option for the individuals. Furthermore, Blendjet must understand the UK cultures well and modify its marketing and operation strategies accordingly. For instance, most consumers in the UK fancy stylish products and the company should satisfy related demands. In addition, the rising population of younger generations in the UK implies a possible increase in the use of online platforms to make purchases. Accordingly, Blendjet should implement relevant strategies to capture such changing market and consumption trends in the UK.

TechnologyImplications. The UK is experiencing constant shift in e-commerce with many consumers making their orders and purchases through related platforms. BlendJet is relying on this increased use of technology and internet connections to venture into the UK market. Furthermore, BlendJet is expecting the UK consumers to remain flexible and adapt to the constant shift in technological transformation.

Ethical and Legal Implications. The UK government is encouraging firms to increase their use of eco-friendly methods in their overall production processes. BlendJet believe that environmental conservation is an important ethical consideration and will remain compliant. Nevertheless, such compliance will translate into an increase in operational costs for BlendJet. The UK government introduced numerous health and safety legislations and protocols that firms operating in the market should adopt and implement. For instance, the country has effective employment laws that introduced the national minimum wage requirement. BlendJet will have to factor in possible upsurge in wage rates, further increasing it costs of operation.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
Rising demand: UK consumers are demanding products that can influence their health-related needs such as BlendJet.  Durability and flexibility: BlendJet is both durable and flexible making it ideal for gym and office settings.

Strong brand image: BlendJet has an impressive history of quality products

Quality concerns: The problem is common especially during shipping when some  get destroyed

Ineffective marketing campaigns: This problem implies that BlendJet is yet to penetrate stable global markets


Opportunities Threats
Healthy lifestyles: Rising desire to live healthy lifestyles is a viable opportunity

Technological savvy population: Increased use of online platforms or e-commerce will increase BlendJet’s sales and performances

New markets: The increase in emerging and developing markets will enhance the company’s global presence such

High disposable income: This implies high purchasing powers among UK consumers

Trade policies:  High VAT rates (20%) and other tough trade policies will increase the company’s operational costs

Quality problems: Such as destroyed products may affect the company’s operations in the UK

High operational costs: May reduce the firm’s profitability in long run

The Entry Strategy into the UK Market

BlendJet will consider strategic partnerships with other British e-commerce platforms to increase its presence and sales in the industry. The company will use such partnerships to align its business models to fit into the industry and sustain its success in the UK market operations. Furthermore, strategic partnerships will enable the firm to control and spread its operational risks, further increasing its chances of survival. Some of these strategic partners may include Tesco, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis & Partners, and Currys PC World. However, such partnerships may limit the company’s chances of success in the United Kingdom. If one of the companies terminates such engagements, then BlendJet will be liable for the partner’s debts among other viable risks.

Market Segmentation

Product Positioning. The company will employ a premium-pricing strategy to gain entry into the UK market. Through the strategy, Bendjet hopes to position itself as the best brand in the industry. Accordingly, the firm will emphasize quality production of blenders that can satisfy the quality demands from the consumers and resonate with the premium prices. Furthermore, Blendjet will include product user manuals in different international languages to attract consumers from different socio-cultural settings.

Brand Development and Management. The company will seek to standardize its production processes through constant review of its quality concerns and customers’ feedbacks. Furthermore, a quality control department will be instrumental in assessing various quality specifications and mitigating related challenges. Moreover, Blendjet will seek to sustain its premium pricing strategy to remain relevant and productive in the industry. With the rate of $1 equaling to approximately 0.8 UK pound, the company’s premium pricing strategy and marketing programs will not affect the company’s operations.



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