Sample Management Essays on Fastest Growing Occupations

Fastest Growing Occupations

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the fastest-growing occupations include solar photovoltaic installers, wind turbine technicians, home health aides, personal care aides, occupation therapy assistants, information security analysts, physician assistants, statisticians, nurse practitioners, and speech-language pathologists. These occupations are projected to grow depending on the changing needs and priorities of the society. The BLS (2019) anticipates that by 2028, these professions will have a significant expansion as a result of the acceleration of labor productivity. The trend implies that employment in these sectors will increase in terms of the number of laborers needed.

Figure 1. Projected job growth of the ten fastest-growing occupations

Figure 1 indicates that personal care aides have the greatest demand, hence occupation is the fastest growing. The demand for the mentioned job has augmented because of the growing aging population and an increase in the prevalence of chronic conditions (Farr & EBSCOhost, 2016). The rapid growth in the demand for caregivers is expected to continue because the conditions that necessitate it are likely to persist. In fact, the BLS (2019) states that the career will have an estimated 881000 additional laborers by 2028. Healthcare-related occupations are also growing. For example, nurse practitioners are gaining popularity (Farr, 2015). Forbes reports that nurse practitioners has been outpaced only by family physicians, psychiatrists, and internists. Additionally, the BLS (2019) projects that by 2028, nurses will have increased by a massive 53,300. Indeed, the mentioned statistics indicate a fast-growing nursing job.

Figure 1 reveals that home health aides are second in demand to personal care aides. The BLS indicates that there were 911,000 home health aides in 2016. Figure 1 projects that that there will be an additional 304000 aides by 2028. The increase will be as a result of the aging boomer generation who will need assistance (Allen, 2019). The few skills that the job requires is another driving factor for the growth of the mentioned occupation. Additionally, according to the University Of Washington Centre for Health Workforce Studies, a home health aide earns $15,800 annually. As such, affordability is yet another factor promoting the growth of the job.

Figure 1 also indicates that speech-language pathologists are gaining some significance in the workforce and it is expected that 41900 additional laborers will be required in the future. Most of these professionals are based in healthcare facilities while others are in schools. As the population grows older, health conditions that can cause speech dementia are likely to increase. Thus, this occupation will have a much faster than average growth. Additionally, BLS (2019) indicates that the profession has an attractive pay with an average annual wage of $77,510. Such remuneration is likely to attract more people.

Solar photovoltaic installers and wind turbine service technicians are also gaining popularity. The BLS (2019) indicates that the former will have an additional 6100 laborers while the latter will have 3800 laborers by 2028. The trend is as a result of massive campaigns for green energy and readily available funds to promote green energy (United States, 2018). Essentially, most companies will be advocating for renewable energy. Hence, more job opportunities will be created and will outnumber fossil fuel workers.

Careers with the highest anticipated job opportunities are in the healthcare sector. Nonetheless, the energy sector is also growing fast. As such, there will be more laborers needed especially in professions such as home health aides and personal health aides by the year 2028. Other occupations such as nurse practitioners and speech language pathologists will also be worthy of attention in the future.


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