Sample Management Essays on Global Business Plans

Business Plans are of vital importance to any business however small the venture is. Critical assessment of a business plan enables business stakeholders to think through the business by identifying the strengths, loopholes and modifications to be made.

Plan A: This plan deals with exportation of thermal cyclers into developing countries, in this case India. The general presentation of this argument can be deduced as slightly above average. The presentation constitutes a smooth transition sequence hence the audience can follow throughout. Dictation is clear and the use of simple sentences has also been applied. The business summary at the end of the presentation reminds the audience the key issues of this proposition.   However, the product is not explicitly explained in the presentation rather features of the said product are only enumerated. There is no clarification on the market gap that this venture is seeking to meet.  The general appearance of the presentation is dull and boring that makes concentration difficult. The background colour being a monotonous blue makes the visibility of wordings to appear blurred.  Questions

  1. What are thermal cyclers?
  2. How will the thermal cyclers help India to fulfil its development objectives?
  3. How viable is the venture if labor cost in India has a significant but negative effect on the in-flow of FDI?

Plan B: This plan is about establishing an allergen-friendly fast food-chain in Germany. The proposition has been presented in a professional and excellent manner thus highly satisfactory. The presentation involved the use of an audio-track tandem to the presentation slides. This gave the listeners a better understanding on what the presentation is about since each point is explained in detail by the audio. The choice of wordings is simple with an attractive background making the presentation enjoyable and easy to read. The need for this venture has been displayed clearly with evidence to back up the claim that prevalence of food allergies in children is above 5% and is on the rise. However, the presentation at this point still lacks a brand name and organizations where the firm plans to obtain distribution rights have not been identified. Questions

  1. What are the major food allergens this venture seeks to avoid?
  2. Which company has been identified to acquire licensing rights?
  3. Germany’s unemployment rate is lower than USA at 3.199%, how will the company then be able to attract and maintaining qualified employees without tipping its labour costs and consequently the production cost?

Plan C: This plan is about Cryptocurrency Global venture to be established in China. The proposition is good as the argument has been understood thus can be ranked as satisfactory. Foremost, the presentation begins with an overview of cryptocurency; definition, advantages and trends in the market. This enables the audience to have background idea on the product.  There is smooth transition in the presentation with the use of relevant pictures to attract and keep the concentration of the audience throughout the presentation. However, the presenter has used more of short-form sentences that make the audience assume what was intended in order to get the flow of the presentation. The use of audio could have been applied to make the presentation more understandable. Questions

  1. Which “usual” business rules are these? Why do they not apply to the cryptocurrency venture?
  2. The presentation has mention applying the Transnational Strategy as its master plan highlighting on the advantages. Elaborate on the Strategy
  3. How does the venture seek to overcome labor constraint due to the limited number of candidates having experience in high-tech digital transformation projects?