Sample Management Essays on HansRite Transport and Logistics Company

HansRite Transport and Logistics Company

HansRite Transport and Logistics Company is one of the leading transporter and logistics handlers. Since establishment in 2005, HansRite Company has specialized service delivery mainly comprising transport of goods and support services at local and international fronts. Our operations are run from our head office at the Centum plaza in Los Angeles, adjacent to the California State University. The HansRite Company recruits across finance, IT, human resource, supply chain, engineering, and support fields. Our offices across fifteen states support our global network enabling us to meet clientele demands at local and international stages. Our strong regional backgrounds provide and unique understanding of the local industry as well as culture.

Majority of our operations include local, cross-border, and international road transport of airfreight and marine cargo organized by international beverages, automotive, and food processing companies and organizations. Mainly our responsibilities include performing transportation with our light trucks for lighter goods and short distance, while our larger trucks handle bulkier cargo and long distance destinations. Because of the ever-growing industry demand, we have collaborated with several qualified sub-contractors to raise our fleet to over 150, 1-24 tons trucks. Our trucks are fitted with the latest technology to enhance tracking, securing and safety of personnel and cargo. Our fleet drivers and machine operators have a proven record of accomplishment of adherence and safety. Besides, they are equipped with life-saving and practical service delivery skills to enhance our service at all levels.

Our trucks, controlled by our freight organization team based in Los Angeles have together completed more than three thousands of standard, tempered, and express transport duties in 2017. On our international operations outside America, the company trucks operate in several countries in Africa including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Egypt. Our activities are mainly influenced by the strategic positioning of the states as main gates to regional trading blocs. The company seeks to increase its operations in Africa and other continents over the next decade. HansRite has contracted Amaco and Cisco insurance companies to insure all shipment products. Other insurance agencies include Kwal agencies who insures all alcoholic beverages while Chemoquip insures all pharmaceutical products. Our operation base location in California places us at the center of operations. The central positioning makes it an adequate area to undertake logistics operations and forwarding services for all partners and consumers.

The company’s primary objective is providing unmatched transport and logistics services that match and exceed the demands in such a dynamic industry. As such, our company is innovation-driven to achieve the highest levels of excellence attainable using environmentally friendly technologies and operation designs (Smick, 2006). The HansRite Company is dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable solid waste management. Together with respective subcontractors, the company ensures that all machinery complies with environmental safety policies including inspection for radiations and emissions. The company strives to have all fleet trucks are mechanically sound running efficiently.

Our company business model regulates and adapts itself accordingly to arising demands in the transport industry globally . The company advocates and cultivates for good relationships enshrined in the company slogan of “Efficiency, Reliability Because You’re Worth It.” Within our framework of corporate social responsibility, a key priority for HansRite Company, we strive to support organizations and foundations that pursue to alleviate human suffering and addressing social needs such as hunger and starvation (“What is CSR? | UNIDO”, 2019). HansRite Company has also collaborated with other foundations in setting up the Kerin Home for Street Children, a rehabilitation center and a refuge for the homeless minors.

Looking forward, HansRite Company is dedicated to becoming a pioneer in the transportation industry driven by standardization of services delivery, innovative technologies, and safe and secure operations while satisfying the business and consumer demands as the industry becomes more dynamic.




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