Sample Management Essays on Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

L O 1

L O 1.1: Explain the elements of internet marketing

Target audience and services are an essential component of any internet marketing initiative. It is important for the campaign process to cater for the most appropriate audience. This is considered as realizable objective, especially in situations where the marketer understands the potential customers, the interests of the customers, the products and services being offered, and the reason why the company is best fit to offer the products or services (Gwo-Guang & Hsiu-Fen 2005, p. 15). Message and brand form the second category of the elements of internet marketing. Unique messages and consistent branding are considered the most effective approach for an industry to develop any form of connection with the customer (Yomnak 2009, p. 34). Unique marketing messages often comprise the possibility of getting someone else involved in the marketing process, defining the benefits of the product or service. Presentation and usability comprise the third set of elements (Bernays 2013, p. 22). This involves the design, functionality, and the content of the product or service in ways that meet the interest of the consumers. The process of ensuring an effective presentation must involve additional elements, such as relevant images, engaging user content, and a responsive design. Strategic link and public relations exposure are also elements of internet marketing. These elements are based on the assumption that internet marketing is a reflection of the business in terms of the reputation in relation to the product and services offered (Bernays 2013, p. 23).

L O 1.2: Evaluate the internet marketing mix

Being a company that helps people plan for their travels, Barrhead Travel Company operates on the basis of the 4ps of internet marketing. Interment marketing mix includes e-product, e-pricing strategy, e-promotion, and e-place. In terms of e-products, the services and products offered by the company are increasingly acceptable to the general public due to the availability of all the relevant information concerning the product or service. The availability of information increases the buyer’s awareness of the type of products offered by the company. Pricing is an important element of internet marketing mix (Gwo-Guang & Hsiu-Fen 2005, p. 22). The internet has made e-pricing very competitive. The price e-pricing eliminates traditional aspects, such as the cost of staff. Internet marketing provides consumers with the power of shopping around the best deal by clicking buttons. One of the major changes in internet marketing is online buying. Consumers have the ability to engage the manufacturers and the company in a direct manner by eliminating middlemen. Location is an important element of e-place strategy (Yomnak 2009, p. 38). This is because online location provides consumers with links on other website on which they can receive services. The convenience of internet marketing is that information related to the product or services is available to the consumer at the click of a button (Turbin et al 2006, p. 21). For a company to ensure success in internet marketing, it must be involved in different promotions strategies. E-promotion is concerned with numerous issues, such as the ability of the company to possess a recognizable domain (Shame 2010, p. 17). One way through which companies, such as Barrhead Travel Company have been able to market their services is by owning a website, placing banner advertisements on the web pages belonging to other companies. In addition, the company has also been able to ensure the promotion of it services by establishing webpages in social networking sites. These have been facilitated by the provision of contact information and effective customer service (Srinivasan et al 2002, p. 54).

LO 3.0 Compare internet marketing tools- e-tools

There are different internet marketing tools that companies can use in their operations. These include social networking sites, websites, and emails. Companies often use websites as platforms that provide their customers with information about the product or the service. In addition, websites also provide information related to the type of service and general information concerning the activities of the company (Yomnak 2009, p. 41). Social networking sites are important marketing tools considering that they provide information concerning the product or services provided by the company. These include the varieties and the process. Social networking sites are considered important since they provide the company with a platform of engaging with actual and potential customers of the company. Emails are marketing tools that enhance communication between the consumer and the company (Elliott & Boshoff 2005, p. 45). When using emails, consumers are always able to engage the company in a question-answer session. When all the marketing tools are compared, websites are considered as the most outstanding and most effective tools of internet marketing due to their ability to not only provide information on products and services but also additional information concerning the management and contact information (Teo et al 2011, p. 22). The benefits of using social networking sites are that the consumer can engage the company in a continuous chatting session with the objective of acquiring relevant information concerning the company (Shame 2010, p. 18).

LO 1.4 Examine interactive order processing

Interactive order processing in internet marketing requires the organization of the practical purpose of the marketing initiatives to be approached in an organized manner. The process begins with the selection of the most appropriate products or service. Knowledge of the products and services offered often help in the creation of some form of ownership (Elliott & Boshoff 2005, p. 50). The sense of ownership of the product or service must be in accordance with the ability to satisfy customer demands and values. Interactive order processing facilitates the process of estimating the level of awareness of the brand. For Barrhead Travel Company, this process begins with the assessments of the buying process employed by their consumers. The quality of the actions by the company in responding to customer demands will determine the number of buyers of the company’s services (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1).

In addition, through interactive order processing, Barrhead Travel Company has been able to distinguish between its niche market and the general market. This is based on the realization that inasmuch as every customer is expected to access the services provided by the company, there are sections of the society that the company targets. This makes it important to develop strategies that can be used to ensure that there is adequate communication between the company and the target customer (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1). The main objective of this approach is to strengthen the niche market while attracting more customers from the general market. The realization that an effective satisfaction of the target customer is a relatively complex process makes it necessary for Barrhead Travel Company to eliminate barriers for online transactions. This approach is considered relevant to the promotional strategies employed by the company since it is one way through which the company ensures that its services are easily accessible. In addition, it is also through the interactive market processing that the company has been able to establish some form of trust in its relationship with the customers (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1).



LO 2

LO 2.1 Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is an internet marketing approach that involves the use of different marketing techniques in the promotion of websites by ensuring some form of increase in their search engine result pages. Search engine marketing operates on both paid and unpaid initiatives. For example, search engine optimization SEO is a way through which companies can gain traffic through free listing (Yomnak 2009, p. 30). There is also the search engine e marketing, which is a paid option that a company uses purchase traffic. Search engine marketing often happens in situations where a customer searches the web through an existing text box or a directory. Such a customer is perceived to be on a hunt mode (Racherla 2009, p. 35). The hunt mode is often perceived by marketers as an essential stage in the buying cycle. It is important for the marketer to identify the desire of the customer and by ensuring that the business website has the most appropriate information that increase the possibility that the customer will be engaged in a process of accessing additional information that is available on the website (Racherla 2009, p. 38).

All search engines often employ the use of algorithms due to their importance in providing the most appropriate results for each searcher. This process is often made effective by the ability of the algorithms to consider not only the key words that are searched but also the location of the searcher, the device used, the operating system, and to some extent the identity of the searcher (Yomnak 2009, p. 32). The efficiency of any form of algorithm whether paid of unpaid is determined by the ability of the customer to get the appropriate and expected service.

LO 2.2 Write a copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter

Barrhead Travel Company

The Low cost travel provider


During an event at the Chambers of Commerce and through the company’s website, you expressed the desire in being a subscriber with the company’s offer on December holidays travels. There are a lot of excitements at Barrhead Travel Company these days considering the low cost services that the company offers during holiday seasons. We are looking forwards to sharing with you part of our discounted packages in this and in upcoming emails.

Are you taking advantage of the exquisite marketing opportunities that the company continues to offer as part of its services? Do you feel that you need to part of the visitors to the most attractive holiday destinations in the UK?  Do you need the most affordable packages to help you and your loved ones enjoy the upcoming holidays?

With the help of our qualified staff, the company would like to make available for you information and services that are available for low cost and quality travel services. This will provide you with the essential guide on how to better understand issues related to the company and the available opportunities that you can exploit to ensure your satisfaction

It is possible to download more details concerning your subscription by clicking here… and with our compliments you are destined for greatness. It is important to note the information provided therein is confidential

I appreciate the sharing of your comments on the company’s website and we look forward to interacting with you soon as you enjoy the services of the company

Sincerely yours,

John Denver

Senior marketing manager

Barrhead Travel Company

LO 2.3 Follow guidelines for the best practice in online public relations

Online public relations require companies to establish techniques through which they can ensure that the company achieves its objectives through numerous objective of internet marketing. Building brand awareness is an essential objective of online public relations. This can be realized through effective use of SEO to help Barrhead Travel Company with a platform of increasing on its brand searches. An increase in website traffic is also an objective of internet marketing. The guidelines of public relations can provide a company with an understanding of the attributes of its target customer and the best possible approaches that can be used to ensure that customers access the website and acquire information that is relevant to their needs (Bernays 2013, p. 23). The generation of leads online is also part of internet marketing objectives public relations helps the company in the determination of the best images to include in its press releases. The e images are often those that generate more attraction to the services offered by the company (Keller 2006, p. 65). The sale of services online is a marketing objective that is often informed by the quality of services in relation to those of the company’s competitors. For the company to engage in successful marketing initiatives, SEO must optimize the company’s press releases which are determined by the ethical standards that the company embraces in the process of selling its products online (Shame 2010, p. 20). Public relations strategies have the responsibility of providing the company with a platform of measuring marketing returns on investments. These are often based on the ability of the company to ensure a balance between the realization of company interest and those of the customers (Keller 2006, p. 66).

LO 2.4 Demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, e.g. file-sharing sites

New digital media encompasses different form of multimedia such as mobile marketing, podcasting, photo, videos and file sharing. these form of media are considered important by Barrhead company die to their ability to promote create and sustain high level brand awareness on behalf of a company in relatively quick and unique way (Keller 2006, p. 102). The efficiency of their type of media is forced on the understanding that it has the ability to go viral at a relatively faster rate. The use of multimedia for Barrhead Travel Company is forced on the understanding that this approach to internet marketing provides a relatively easier way of promoting communication among different stakeholders (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 2). For instance file sharing can enable customers to communicate amongst themselves on the discount packages offered by the company in during different seasons.

It is important for the company to ensure the provision of quality services considering that fie sharing enables information to go viral. This kind of information can either enhance the reputation of the company or destroy the company’s reputation in the public domain (Yomnak 2009, p. 22). Files shared from the company in the form of videos or pictures are expected to be those which have the ability to promote different aspect of the company that are crucial in attracting the interests of the customer. In addition, through this approach to marketing it will also be easier to develop an effective customer service considering that customers will be able to engage the company on a 24 hour basis (Yomnak 2009, p. 23). Such levels of engagements often provide the company with a platform of introducing more marketing techniques to facilitate the process of creating an effective brand awareness program (Keller 2006, p. 64).

LO 3

LO 3. 1 Conduct secondary market research

Since its establishment in 1975, Barrhead Travel Company has been an essential player in helping its customers plan and organizes for successful trips to different tourist destinations within the UK and other parts of Europe. The company is popular for the provision of the best services and products at relatively during different holiday seasons the company provides exclusive products targeting different customers within the market (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1). The position of the company as a leading independent player in the industry is due to the understanding that tourism market in the UK is highly competitive. This is due to the presence of numerous players in the market that offer high quality services at affordable prices (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1).

Customer service orientation has been considered as an essential aspect that can help companies gain high levels competitive advantage in the travel industry. Customer service orientation in the tourism and travel industry encompasses those activities and initiatives that a business entity takes to enhance its sales and ability to attract and retain more customers (Ryals 2005, p. 34). This approach in creating an effective competitive advantage encompasses the ability of a company within the industry to ensure that all its efforts are directed towards the satisfaction of customer needs. Some of the initiatives that reflect on customer initiatives for businesses that operate on the online platform include the development of quality products and services (Ryals 2005, p. 36). In the case of Barrhead Travel Company, this process is often realized through the provision of travel packages that are of affordable process and guarantee high quality services. In addition, an effective customer service orientation in tourism and Travel Company can also be ensure d through the development of techniques that ensure prompt response to customer complaints and questions. This is especially important when dealing with highly sensitive matters within the industry (Winer 2001, p. 45).

The ability of a travel company to operate on an online platform is essential in the realization of a competitive advantage. one way through which travel companies have ensure that internet marketing helps in boosting the level of brand awareness is through their availability on different internet platforms (Gray & Byun 2001, p. 40). For instance, the company provides links through its pages in social networking sites and banners in different websites. This is an instrumental approach towards the establishment of an effective online interaction platform. Constant interaction with clients helps companies in the development of an understanding of the demands of their customers. It also boosts the relationship between the management and the customers hence increasing the possibility that customers will be satisfied. For a company to ensure success in the travel and tourism industry, it is important that it establishes an interaction platform with its customers (Woodruff 1997, p. 25).

LO 3.2 Design an online survey

Market Research Survey

Product category:




Product Description



Customer questions

Question Selection Response
How do you rate the product described above
  1. Very Poor
  2. Poor
  3. Relatively effective
  4. Very effective
What do you like most about this product    
What do you like least about this product    
What are some ways of improving on the product stated above    


Thank you

L 3.3. Demonstrate the use of electronic customer relationship marketing

Electronic customer relationship marketing is an approach that ensures the establishment of a customer centered managerial strategy. This strategy is essential in the establishment of a long-term relationship between a company and its customers. This is based on the utilization of comprehensive customer knowledge (Gray & Byun 2001, p. 45). The establishment of a long-term customer relationship is based on the understanding that the cost involved in marinating a customer is relatively expensive since customer insists are often dynamic and diversified. It is therefore important for a company such as Barrhead Travel Company to establish a long-term relationship as this helps in retaining customers. The main objective of Barrhead is to provide customers with the most effective services and products that facilitate the satisfaction of their needs (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1).

Electronic customer relationship marketing is also essential in the promotion of the wellbeing of an organization considering that this information provided the company with details on customer needs, preferences, techniques of spending and their capacity. Effective development of knowledge on details related to customers is fundamental in understanding the organization’s target market (Gray & Byun 2001, p. 46). This is a way through which the organization ensures that it creates an effective customer service orientation plan. In addition, it is also a technique through which the diction making process on matter related to products and services from the company can be made on an informed platform.

One of the ways through which Barrhead Travel Company has been able to engage in effective use of customer information is by developing a probability test procedure, which is used in assessing the level by which customers are able to purchase different products and services provided by the organization (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1). In addition, through customer information the organization has been able to develop mechanism that can facilitate the process of customer service orientation (Barrhead Travel Service Limited 2014, p. 1).

LO 4

LO 4.1 Produce an outline internet-marketing plan

  1. Overall Business objectives
  2. Situational analysis of the business (SWOT Analysis)
  3. Marketing Problems and opportunities
  4. Identifying target market through market segmentation
  5. Marketing action plan
  • Product/service
  • price
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Traditional media, online and social networking sites
  • Acquisition of customers
  • Details of social media advertising
  • Quality assurance to customers
  • Technological infrastructure for marketing


L0 4.2 Create a presentation on pay per click advertising



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