Sample Management Essays on Lean Techniques

Lean Technique

Lean technique in the contemporary industrialized environment is important as it allows organizations to eradicate waste from the manufacturing process. Waste fundamentally involves anything that does not add value in a business. There are massive movements or inputs in the production processes that in actual sense do not add any value to the creation and supply of products. Consequently, the production process can be enhanced through doing away with the wastes. The current paper will focus on Amazon corporation that has successfully applied the lean technique in its production process. Amazon lean technique has been significant and has impacted my goal of incorporating the same in a retail business that I’ am currently planning to begin.

Lean mechanized involves a process that organizations apply as a way of decreasing waste at the same time enhancing adding value to the product (Breyfogle, 2007) Lean techniques are important in both large scale and small scale organizations. However, the suitability of lean techniques applied by specific organizations contrasts as a result of specific organization features, for instance, efficiency, expertise and available technology. Jeff Bezos cultured the spirit of lean management the first day he established Amazon corporation. This is because the Bezos had been completely customer-centric.  Amazon corporation is a natural organization that incorporates lean ideologies. The corporation’s CEO acknowledged that customers would not pay any value to the waste and therefore knew that an emphasis on waste prevention through lean would be an essential model. The corporation’s information technology has always ensured a clear understanding of what the customer desired hence transferring the signal to the bottom. For instance, the choice of the shipping channel for a specified package is determined by the vowed delivery date to the client. Thereafter, lower-cost preferences are incorporated in the process but only if they offer an equivalent probability of timely delivery, which is essentially a lean value (Jacobs, 2014).

What began as public connections strategy at Amazon organization has grown into a real industry ideal that has allowed the organization to revolutionize. The corporation has equally endeavored on its innovation development through the application of lean technique within its context. The organization believes in making the best out of its production process even if it engages in changing its production method (Mangan, 2014)

The fundamental principles of lean production permit Amazon corporation to bring about decreased inventory, effective utilizing the multi-skilled personnel, level the management structure and place everything at its rightful position. The corporation believes in offering superior products and in the same manner, acknowledges the fact that superiority starts with the manufacturing component sourcing (Jacobs, 2014). As a result of the corporate rate of growth, largely from a bookstore, the firm had to redesign its computerization, applying the lean standard of autonomation. Autonomation enhanced persons to complete tasks in a perfect and secured way through basically automating the vital, tiresome and small-value stages processes. The result of this process is the best outcome, that is, an exceptionally flexible individual supported by a technology enhances the product quality from three to six sigma. Another paramount element of lean techniques at Amazon organization was the implementation of normal work. This entailed the amalgamation of different parts of careers into the most fruitful structure that has no waste alongside a fine-planned level of production (Goel, 2016).

Amazon corporation products are felt globally. Because the organization has developed, it has also in equal measure encountered several challenges that are common with other multinational corporations. The corporation has also acknowledged numerous approaches that enhance its industrial practices. Therefore, lean creation in the organization is aimed at eradicating waste as through numerous ways while still producing high superiority products.

The organization can, however, still make some improvements in its lean techniques. For instance, Amazon is known to have an increased quantity of instance, which impacts on the period it takes to make a pact with developed partners. The corporation has faced several challenges where they experience several different agreements with producers. This in turn impacts on the excellence of their products. Therefore, as a way of managing their manufacturing process and regain their superiority consistent with corporation ideals, the corporation needs to take into consideration different measures. In the first place, the corporation needs to adhere to lean industrialized ideologies of selecting lean suppliers. This would assist the corporation to produce enhanced products. Employing additional stern lean requirements on the suppliers would make it easy for the corporation to select production contractors through a reduced quantity of instance to settle for an agreement. This implies that their dominance would improve since organization partners selected would easily meet their manufacturing provisions and ensure their constant reviews. It is important to note that incorporation of the lean techniques is challenging but is crucial removing waste.

Amazon being one of the top ten lean organization in the world has triggered my interest in its strategies that I would apply in a retail business that I plan to start. The organization has factories across different nations due to its lean practices. The lean process mainly will enable the business to reduce waste hence ensure quality services. This will enhance the services of the business hence easy expansion and huge profits. The lean technique as found out from Amazon challenging. I would opt to incorporate this concept positively in the retail business since it is through challenges that growth is experienced.



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