Sample Management Essays on Needs Assessment of Bartaco restaurant

Needs Assessment

Identify the Client

The identification of complex business perspectives has always been a growing challenge for small-scale business with growth aspects.  For instance, the Bartaco restaurant in Birmingham has over the years developed different strategies that not only increase their efficiency but also increase their competitive advantage in the market. The business has different unique services that make it unique in the industry including excellent customer service, firm outlay and after sale services.

Problem identification

The goal of the restaurant is to create an excellent gateway for their customers that will not only enable them to feel connected to the environment but help them understand the experience. However, the institution faces different challenges that limit their achievements. The firm lacks enough capital that limits its level of performance across numerous fields including paying its staffs expanding the menu and achieving its expansion plan Kaiser, (Henry, 2018). The challenge has been facing the institution since the withdrawal of one of its partners that led to the reduction of both the size and competitive levels of the entity (Bartaco, 2018).  Additionally, the problem has been persistent due to the dynamics of the market with the firm recording high levels customers during winter.  Equally, the problem can be linked with poor decision making by the management that has limited the strategies employed by the institution to help in increasing its marketing methods and overall competitiveness.

Additionally, this problem has led to the emergence of other ethical concerns of the company’s relation to its employees.  Understandably, Bartaco has over the years reduced the number of funds it allocates for its staff’s health insurance due to its inability to pay these expenses. In essence, a good business should ensure that it provides a proper working environment for its employees and ensures they achieve maximum productivity.  As such, the firm has resorted to closing some of its outlet in Birmingham to reduce the running expenses and increase insurance payment to its workers.

Needs Assessment

Lack of enough capital for the institution has limited the company’s performance, particularly in its administration and strategy formulation (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2015).  As such the firm has not been able to provide the best gateway for its customers as it has limited resources that could not only help in reducing its performance but also exploring new markets. Other departments of the enterprise that experience the same challenge include marketing human resource and research and development.

Before experiencing these problems, the firm was among the best in Birmingham and has developed growth prospects that aimed at internationalizing their business. However, these challenges have led to the reduction in the level of performance as the institution has limited items on its menu and has closed more than five of its branches in the town in the last two years. As such, the firm lacks performance measurement criteria due to its low productivity levels.


The identification and assessment of problems facing an organization is a combined effort of the managers, staff, and customer. Although solving the problems may require the employment of numerous resources, availability of proper strategies can provide a better avenue for solving the challenges. As such, the management of Bartaco should ensure they conduct company evaluation methods that would help in examining its ability to withstand different complications and being more competitive.




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