Sample Management Essays on Personal Weaknesses

Personal weaknesses are common to all individuals. There are several weaknesses including lack of confidence, poor time management, resistance to change, temperamental, as well as difficulties in decision making. For my case, poor team building skills is the weakness that I have, which need to be improved for effective team performance in the organization.

In several instances, I have noted that I have difficulties in organizing and directing teams according to teamwork expectations. Most teams tend disorganized and lack cohesiveness, which is the key to goal achievement. I always fail to handle reluctant team members as well as the inactive ones. Some of the team members usually indicate frustrations and feel exploited since they are overworked by the lazy members. Due to this incompetence, my teams always post poorer performances compared to other teams. However, with a proper plan of improvements, the team’s performance can be outstanding.

Firstly, in order to improve on my team building skills weakness, I need to embrace self-confidence. This quality is a key driver of establishing positive influences within the group.  Self-confident team leaders understand their roles clearly in influencing and directing all members to achieve desired goals effectively. Similarly self-confidence helps build team confidence and trust among members. Secondly, effective communication with team members will improve my team building skills. Communication is vital for cohesiveness and efficiency of team work. It helps individuals to understand and assist each other in executing duties, promote unity, and help individuals know their specific duties in the group. Thirdly, active listening and inviting all group members’ opinions is key to team building skills improvement and effective teamwork (Duwadi, 99). Each member of the team feel valued and motivated to carry on with the tasks successfully, when they are listened to. Thus, it is paramount being a good listener in team building. As discussed above, improving my team building skills weakness can be achieved through; self-confidence, effective communication, and listening well to team members.

Improving team building skills is essential for a high-performing team in an organization. Individuals with team building skills personal weaknesses should practice self-confidence, effective communication, and good listening skills for better outcome.


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