Sample Management Essays on Strategic Planning

Projects within an organization need an elaborate communication plan. According to Semczuk (2018), communication plan is a document that outlines how significant information will be accurately delivered throughout the project. Strategically, it is critical for project managers to have a plan that align activities to goals and milestones. Communication plan can help a project to realign milestones if it is behind schedule. Not to mention, it assists in establishing and sustaining short and long term relationship between as client and an organization. This document must be unique since projects are different in terms of desired outcomes, budget and timelines. Nevertheless, it serves a similar function of informing project stakeholders about achievements at every stage.

It is important to define what a project aims to communicate during the project. Therefore, it is imperative to formulate aspects and activities that a project needs to communicate and accomplish (Spacey, 2017). In this case, the project will be guided by the following objectives:

To enhance acceptance of the system and reduce resistance to change.

To regain the trust and increase brand recognitions based on psychological marketing.

To promote awareness and understanding between staff and prospective customers by instilling foundational knowledge of the new system.

To persuade customers into ordering products manufactured using new manufacturing methods.

To improve motivation and foster collaboration between project team and stakeholders.

To deliver timely information to customers and increase sales.

To reduce negotiation time between the company and suppliers.

The outlined objectives are specific to the project and demonstrate that all the parties, that is, customers, staff and suppliers are taken into consideration. For this reason, they will equally be informed how, when and why the communication must happen. On that account, the objectives will help solve problems, make clarifications and ensure project activities are accomplished on time.



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