Sample Management Essays on “The Agenda – Total Teamwork”

Answer the questions, do not submit an essay.

  1. After reading the article, ““The Agenda – Total Teamwork“, what do you believe is the most distinguishing characteristic of the Mayo Clinic team that makes the team (and the Clinic) one of the premier health care providers in the world?
  2. Tuckman’s Five-Stage Theory of Group Development Lists Performing as the fourth stage in the model. The Lecture Notes indicate this is the stage where the actual work of the group takes place. How much time has elapsed (as a percentage of time) in an average project group before the actual work of the group actually takes place. In other words, do you think going through the first three stages (forming, storming, and norming) consumes the first 40% of time assigned to the group before the actual work begins or do you think it is a different percentage of time?
  3. Briefly outline (bulletined list) some of the challenges virtual teams face as compared to non-virtual teams.
  4. View the video, “The Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

The Lecture Notes detail five ways to deal with conflict: competition, avoidance, accommodation, compromise, and collaboration (which are derived from the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument). The textbook notes the difference between functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. Choose one of the five ways to deal with conflict and describe how it could contribute to both a functional and a dysfunctional resolution of conflict. Please provide a brief example.

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