Sample Management Essays on Youth at Work

Youth at Work

The website, Youth at Work, is excellently formatted and laid out for easy understanding by users. The landing page (home page) has a welcoming note which explains the purpose of the website. Moreover, the home page also has instructions on how to navigate the website so as to get the desired information in addition to be structured in a casual manner which has a relaxing effect on a user (“Youth At Work: Home Page” 2017). Also, the left part of the website contains quick access links such as definitions of employment, youth rights, youths’ responsibilities in the workplace and more information on EEOC hence a few clicks will lead a youth to the desired type of information within a couple of seconds. As such, the site can be of great benefit for a youth who is facing discrimination issues at the workplace or a youth whose rights might have been compromised in one way or another (“Youth At Work: Home Page” 2017).

In a situation whereby I am human resource management for a restaurant or store that employees many teens, I would be keen to use the Youth at Work website to ensure a safe workplace for your teenaged employees. First, I would use the website’s information to explain to the teens on their responsibilities as employees. In as much as they are teenagers, the bottom-line remains that they are employees and hence they are supposed to fulfil their work requirements. Also, I will use the website to enlighten the teens on various issues which concern their rights. I will use it to educate the teens on what constitutes an acceptable behavior from their managers and the type of behavior that should be regarded as red flags. Moreover, every type of discrimination as well as sexual harassment will be explored comprehensively to ascertain that the youths are knowledgeable on their crucial rights (“Youth At Work: Home Page” 2017). This approach will basically address the issue whereby the youths’ rights are violated simply because the youths themselves are not sure of what constitutes an illegal behavior. In essence, youth enlightenment and empowerment goes a long way in addressing the issue of youths’ rights violations in the workplace (O’Higgins & Moscariello, 2017).

Lastly, I will also use the website to enlighten the youths on how to report cases of discrimination, sexual harassment or any type of rights violation. Studies have shown that some teens prefer to keep silent about cases of rights violations in the workplace since they aren’t sure on how to make reports which can lead to the conviction of the offender. Moreover, teens are generally afraid of stigmatized if word gets around that they were caught in a legal case. As such, I will go an extra mile and inform the teens that it is their right to report issues to the relevant authorities and that no stigmatization should stop them from seeing justice especially if their human rights are violated.  This approach will also address the issue whereby teens make claims of discrimination in the wrong places hence leading to their issues not being addressed (O’Higgins & Moscariello, 2017). Also, I will encourage the teens to take the tests at the website whose purpose is to determine the level of knowledge held by the teens. Finally, I will let the teens know that they can always confide I me on any employment issues that they might face while working in the restaurant.



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