Sample Management Paper on Benefit Program in Employee Retention

Attracting and retaining skilled employees plays a vital role in an organization which has
been faced by many challenges. The industry has increasingly grown and no one wants to be left
behind in taking part to every type of business related industry. This calls for a great competition
to the business owners in attracting employees. Below are the points that helps attract and retain
the employees in their job;
Providing a positive working environment. Relationship between the employee and their
first supervisor is the main reason why they might quit in their career (Thompson & Gregory,
2012). Managers and supervisors should be aware of their actions and their influence to the
employees’ behavior and how they react towards them. Therefore managers should be well
trained so as to provide good relations thus achieving their goals. Also, recognizing and
rewarding helps in reinforcing the right behavior (Malherbe, 2015). It is not always about the
salary but the feeling of being appreciated is more fulfilling which impact them to keep going.
Involving and engaging them in their activities brings creativity by bringing up their own
ideas and research more on activities that can improve production giving them a sense of
ownership. This leads to development of skills and potential, the study shows that more than 40
percent leaves their current employer to the same kind of job as long as it’s developing and
challenging (Thompson & Gregory, 2012). This helps them develop career wise and become
more skilled to a greater value. In addition, to evaluate and measure the employees achievement
and improvement so as to determine their progress which helps engage the workforce.
Romans 3:6-10 helps in understanding how to relate with employees since no one is
perfect therefore everyone makes mistakes in one way or another thus the employer should treat
them well( Malherbe, 2015).



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