Sample Management Paper on Continuous Business Improvement

Strategic plans are significant since they guide businesses on the activities that require priority. Continuous improvement in business occurs when goals are achieved within the set deadlines. Through constant business improvement, the amount of profit increase since new ideas get implemented.

The book Principles of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery guides managers on the best strategies to implement for security enhancement within a company. The critical systems of an organization require a disaster recovery plan to reduce the chances of time wastage in tracking lost information. Data security procedures must be implemented to evade third parties for accessing critical information about a company (Whitman, Mattord & Green 2013). Therefore, the improvement of security is part of business continuity since it makes a company thrive in a competitive environment.

A state of readiness for any situation by companies should be practiced for other operations not to get affected. Therefore, it prepares the firms for any risk that arises unexpectedly. Constant updates to the software keep data safe since different codes get used in the protection process. The IT director must inspect all activities within the network of the firm to reduce the loss of critical information (Christian 2019). Funds may also be lost when hackers determine the loopholes through which money can get accessed within the company. Hence, proper security measures must get developed.

Improvements through enhancement of the system and developing passwords that can get accessed by authorized personnel are significant. The plans for disaster recovery should address the major issues that may arise in the course of operations. Therefore, timely analyses by the IT manager make it easy to identify issues within the system that may result in loss of information. Are contingency plans relevant to the continuous improvement of the business?



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