Sample Management Paper on Demonstrate the impact of operations management

Unit 1: Discussion

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Unit Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the impact of operations management on the competiveness and productivity of an organization. (CLO 1 and 2)
  2. Construct a production strategy based on customer demand. (CLO 3 and 4)
  3. Synthesize operations and customer satisfaction data. (CLO 5 and 7)
  4. Calculate productivity metrics for an operational scenario using Microsoft Excel. (CLO 4)


Accessing  Connect

Be sure that you have purchased and registered your  Connect account prior to completing this assignment. See the Textbook and Materials page for more information.

Follow these steps to view the scenario.

Initial Posting

Go to Practice Operations to view the scenario.

  1. Click the Connect” tab in the course navigation menu.
  2. Click the Practice Operations link.

Students are to complete Module 1, The Production Process (Scenario) in Practice Operations. Based on their observations in this scenario, and upon a careful review of the available literature, the student is to consider him or herself to be the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Kibby and Strand, the company in the scenario.

Document the Kibby and Strand operational process based on what you observed in Module 1 to include the following:  Mission, goals, objectives, organization chart, process flow, and any assumptions / constraints you feel are appropriate. This document will be provided to newly hired employees so they get a “jump start” on understanding Kibby and Strand’s operational process.

You are free to “fill in the gaps” in formulating the submission based on what you observe in Module 1.  In essence, you are summarizing the operational process of Kibby and Strand based on what you learn from Module 1 and supporting research you conduct.   The summary is to be written in Word and prepared consistent with APA.

Instruction Guidance: 

You will be creating professional correspondence (memos, reports, plans, etc.) that you are likely to prepare in industry.  Please do not submit APA formatted academic research papers since the discussions call for professional correspondence.

All the discussions require research other than the textbook and have an APA formatting component of the grade.  This means in the body of the deliverable you want to cite your sources using APA, and a reference page is required at the end of the deliverable listing all your sources using APA format.  You should have at least 3 resource sources for the discussion deliverable, and the textbook can be one of the 3.  In addition, any sources you list in the reference list of the paper needs to be cited within the body per APA.  The same goes for tables and figures, title them per APA so you get practice doing that.  In your responses to fellow students you should also integrate and cite research per the grading rubric.

For the Unit 1 Discussion you are creating a paper in Word that documents the Kibby and Strand operational processes you observed in Module 1.  Recommend you setup your paper with a section detailing the overall operational process to include mission statement, followed by separate sections for each of the departments (Receiving, Production, and Shipping).  The content should reflect the operational processes you observed in Module 1.

This submission should be prepared as a single Microsoft Word document, and then attached to the unit discussion thread. There is no minimum or maximum in terms of the word count; however, the response should explicitly address all required components of this discussion assignment. The document should be prepared consistent with the APA writing style and reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis and or evaluation).