Sample Management Paper on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refers to the electronic sharing or interchange of information by use of a standardized format. In EDI, one enterprise is capable of sending information to another enterprise electronically without incorporating the use of papers. A transaction pertains exchange of goods or services between two parties. An instance of a transaction is when one company sends a purchase order to another company which receives the request, processes it, and sends the relevant documents for the order before delivering goods or services. Transactions affect policy in numerous ways. For instance, for the electronic transactions, there is the need for intermediary policies from the government to regulate the software/network vendors and service providers. For international transactions, policies from professional bodies such as international chambers of commerce are vital to ensure that proper procedures are followed to maintain set standards of privacy and accuracy to avoid exploitation.

Part 2

            With increased chances of inaccurate information from Google, there are a variety of online health resources to avert the dangers of uninformed decisions. Examples of online health resources include Medline Plus, National Institute of Health and National Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. Medline Plus is a trusted online health resource with health topics accompanied by videos and user-friendly tools. Medline is also effective for lessons on drug prescriptions. National Institute of Health online health resource is known for oral health tips for caregivers and wellness toolkits. National Alliance of Professional Health Advocates has a reputation for patient advocacy and shared decision making.

Self-help and researching medical issues have both the negative and positive aspects associated with it. The good side of self-help is that it is convenient because it allows one to connect with experts around the globe (Weekes 38). There are also a lot of success stories that one is exposed to in online health resources which act as motivation. There is also accountability which may help one attain set goals and objectives. The major drawback of self-help is that it leads to fewer tests and more prescriptions. Self-help also leads to unnecessary anxiety because a wide range of diagnoses may be provided for users.



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