Sample Management Paper on Human Capability Management

Human Capability Management

For the organization to achieve its market leadership plan in less than ten years, it needs to maximize the capabilities of the existing human capital. To begin with, it is important for the organization to restructure to accommodate the necessary changes aimed at improving the productivity of the employees. It is important for the company to enhance the capability of its employees by assessing their level of skills, knowledge and competence. This paper applies the Human Capabilities Management and people capability maturity model to explain the strategies that the company needs to take to become a market leader in less than ten years.

The Human Capabilities Management concept is mainly concerned with the control of skills that the employees have. The success of an organization relies heavily on the competency of its employees. It is important to identify the knowledge gap in the workforce to enhance its capability. After collecting data on competency development, it is possible for the company to formulate the best skills to train the employees on, thus improving their capabilities. The people capability maturity model emphasizes on the need for the organization to adjust with the needs of the employees.  Developing the capabilities of employees is carried out systematically in five levels after which the employees are able to execute their duties effectively. Each phase produces a transformation to the organizational culture, making it possible for the company structure to support the development of employees.

In conclusion, the capabilities of the workforce determine whether the company will be a market leader in less than ten years. It is important for the company to identify the knowledge gap in its workforce and come up with strategies that will develop their competency.