Sample Management Paper on Merger & Acquisition: The case of Kraft & Heinz

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the popular topics in business strategy
today, since they characterize the new economy: pressure of global competition,
development of technology, disappearance of country boundaries and targeting
increased market power are some of the reasons.
By getting as a case for investigation some recent m&a attempt, review, examine
and comment its success or failure in terms of both organizational and financial
viability, in achieving synergies and in a reshaped competitive scope with lower
risk. Your suggestions and recommendations for further optimizing the process
are an important part of your effort that will evaluate your critical reasoning
and understanding ability.
➢ Length: 2,500 words (± 10%) – not including the appendix and any
additional supportive material – To be done individually
➢ Evidence of data: You should include as an appendix all electronic
material you used (eBooks, journals, papers, reports)
➢ Prior approval of the case to deal with the lecturer via email the latest 2
weeks before the deadline is highly recommended.