Sample Management Paper on Proactive Communication

Proactive Communication

Scenario A

            In this scenario, the supervisor did not practice the principles of proactive communicationbecause he does not allow the employee to speak during the evaluation. Compounding the problem is his tone, which was combative, esspecially because the incident took place in public (Zacarese, 2016). The supervisor’s public display of disregard for the principles of proactive communication sets a bad example, which is detremental in an organization  (Alhidari, 2017). If I were to approach my peer, I would suggest that they change their approach to commuication. I would advice them to let employees express their opinions or tell their side of the story, for  instance in the case of a lodged complaint against an emploee.

Scenario B

            The major problem in this scenario is the failure of the supervisor to communicate to the workers regarding the timing of the meetings (Zacarese, 2016). Consequently, the numerous meetings seem futile. In n email to the supervisor  I would foremost commend them for the efforts made in trying to communicate with the juniors via meetings. I would then make a list of agendas and frame them as suggestions for what should be discussed in the next meeting (Alhidari, 2017). The email would end with a suggestion that employees be notified of meetings in advance, to help them plan their scchedules according and prepare materials hat may be needed in the meeting

Scenario C

            This scenario has a supervisor who disrupts the meetings held by the manager to complain about the challenges he is facing at his division. As the manager, I would inform him that this is a behavior that will no longer be tolerated as it makes the meetings not run smoothly. I would make a point of having a banter with him and others informal situations and discuss other things not related to work (Alhidari, 2017). In process, I would boost his confidence and let him know that as his manager, I believe in him. Additionally, I would not move him to a less challenging division. This is to communicate to him that he is capable in his current position.




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