Sample Management Paper on Recovery Assessment Exercise

Assignment #2: Recovery Assessment Exercise

For this four to six (4-6) page exercise assignment you will need to submit a document that includes the following: Your paper must address each bullets/numbers below.
Develop and describe a scenario regarding damage incurred to a business operation. Your damage should be severe enough to cause a staff/operations relocation. Provide sufficient information on the type of business operation including community demographics, relative size, geographic location, etc.
Conduct a recovery assessment. Outline the steps you would take to complete the assessment. What would you do to assess the damage and in what order?
Provide a summary of the steps you would take once the recovery was completed. You will need to include the discussion points cited below:
Recovery team organization – What functions are represented on your recovery team and how is it organized? Do you have logistics, IT, Security, finance personnel?
Personnel relocation – What is your alternate site? Where are you locating workers to continue running the business? Is that even feasible given your scenario and the extent of the damage?
Equipment and personnel damage claims – How will you manage claims related to equipment and personnel? Will you have to litigate long term or are there employee disclaimers in place?
Capital loss and recovery – What was damaged, at what cost estimate (market value) and how are these covered for replacement? What will you use in the interim? Are these provided for through emergency funding?
Documentation – How will you document damage? What forms? What procedures and timelines will you assign for this?
Stakeholder outreach – Who needs to know that you are out of temporarily or longer term unable to conduct business? In your scenario, is business conducted from several locations? Are you instructing stakeholders on where they can go? If so, how are you doing that?
You will want to use the Ready.Gov Website (FEMA’s Business Continuity link) to view cost templates.
In your analysis provide enough detailed information so that I can determine you understand the concept of recovery assessment. Your assignment must demonstrate critical thinking, be well thought out, detailed, specific, logically support your viewpoint and demonstrate your understanding of course readings to date and how you applied them when completing this assignment. In addition, you will need to reflect upon and reference/incorporate course readings in order to demonstrate your understanding of course readings, and to validate your analysis and/or opinions.