Sample Management Paper on schedule management plan

In this written assignment, you will continue to analyze the project—real or imagined—that you chose to pursue at the beginning of this term. You will use this project for both this assignment (Paper 1) and for the second written assignment (Paper 2). Here are the specifications for this assignment:

For this assignment use a minimum of 3 citations from the Lessons 2, 3, and 4, the required readings. as well as 2 others from sources you choose. The references should be peer-reviewed.
The paper should be written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spaced, 5-7 pages long (not including the title page and reference section), and use APA formatting for in-text citations and for the References section. A table of contents will not be required in this paper. Before posting the assignment, each student using Turnitin should check and correct plagiarism. Additionally, each student should check and correct spelling and grammar.

Here are the required contents of your paper:

A description of your specific project
The project charter
The project scope management plan
What is the schedule and the schedule management plan?
What is the project schedule and what tasks does the schedule for your specific project contain?
Illustrate the tasks using a table containing the task, start date, end date, resource skill, resource estimated hourly cost.
What is your cost management plan?
What is the proposed cost of your specific project, and how are you going to manage and communicate the project budget status?
Does the proposed specific project cost meet the budget estimate determined during the charter development phase? Why?
How are you going to bring the specific project cost within budget?
From the beginning of your project integration plan in week 1 until the end of week 4, discuss which elements in the previous project plans have changed and why?