Sample Management Paper on Statement of Ethics

Statement of Ethics

As a professional, I believe that the success of any organization in upholding moral and ethical principles and overall operational and financial success, is aided greatly by the personal ethics of employees. This underscores the importance of moral principles for my future aspiration of becoming a leader within the corporate sector. My moral principle is centered on qualities that I believe are integral in forming successful professional and personal relationships. Therefore, I value:

  • Honesty
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Resourcefulness
  • strong work ethic
  • Team playing

These values and beliefs have been learned and reinforced over the years through education and personal experiences.

Importance of these Values and Beliefs

  • Achieving organizational and individual professional goals by fostering greater cooperation among team members within the workplace.
  • Achieving workplace cohesion and collaboration: These values and beliefs are integral in achieving effective relationships founded on equal participation; a component of work ethics, and honesty.
  • Promoting diversity: These values and beliefs are cognizant of individual diversity including experience, skills, academic background, and strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Weakness

  • Too frank while expressing myself: My strong belief in honesty sometimes end up hurting others especially when expressing my opinion.

In conclusion, I believe that personal ethics have a key role in defining the direction of personal and professional life including decision making. My belief and value system has been shaped over the years by personal experiences, daily interactions, and academic experience. However, I need to develop self-control competencies.