Sample Management Paper on The Nature of Strategic Management

The Nature of Strategic Management

Sehkar (2009) cited that Strategic management is a well-organized approach that is founded on effective principles and process of management to recognize the corporate mission or mission of the business. The nature of strategic management calls for assessment of a huge picture and rational evaluation of the prospective options.  Effective strategic management gives direction strategically, triggers accountability and logical structures to deal with risks in a bid to ensure the continuity, exploitation of potentials and responses to external alteration on ongoing strategic choices.

The Business Visions and Mission

The vision embraced by the Ooredoo firm centers on the society while taking full mandate to ensure critical contribution to the social development of the community (Annual Report, 2016). Priority is on activities such as women empowerment, enabling youth, disaster relief and preparedness and mobile health clinics critical in stimulating human growth as humanity is able to attain their aspirations and exploit their potentials. According to Ooredoo Annual Report (2012), the firms conducts mHealth campaigns that incorporate mobile clinics in Indonesia, pre-booking of doctors appointments in Maldives and diabetes alerts and information services in Kuwait, Iraq and Palestine.

The Internal Assessment

The SWOT analysis


Ooredoo enjoys the greatest market share in Qatar as a result of it world-class services. This goes a long way in creating customer loyalty in fresh market such as Indonesia. Moreover, Ooredoo is a data leader in most of the market it operates in.


The 4K TV services unveiling revolutionized the showbiz segment which gives a head-to-head experience. The FIFA football world cup to be held in Qatar in 2022 is an opportunity for great investment and tourism


Ooredoo bears a total team debt on the greater segment after issuance of bonds


Ooredoo markets are characterized by unfriendly political and commercial environment; such environments include Iraq and Palestine (annual Report, 2010). Instability in such nations as well as terrorist assaults in Europe affects the firm’s profitability negatively. The external environment

PESTLE analysis

Political environment

The company enjoys political favors and monetary patronages since it is owned by the state. Governmental bodies such as Qatar investment Authority offers massive fiscal support to the company.

Economical environment

The company can promote premium offers in it’s locally since Qatar is among the nation with greatest per capita in the planet. Conversely, Ooredoo triumph is depend on Qatar’s economy which is affected by the volatility of the oil prices.

Social environment

Social factors that affect Ooredoo operations include

  • Regionalization
  • Alternating consumer preferences
  • Establishing trust and maintaining responsibility of their goods
  • Great attention on traditional banking

Technological resources

Ooredoo centralizes on mobile money which is critical for supporting mobile wallets, e-commerce, and micro-finance and microfinance services which boosts clients’ digital lifestyles. Venture into cloud and IoT services will open fresh opportunities for the company.

Legal environment

The company operations are legalized by the administration in Qatar. The company has severally been accused of Qatar’s Communications regulatory authority for unrestricted accesses and uncompetitive conducts.


The company has a mandate to adopt innovative energy sources to activate tower sites that mitigate environmental effects. The firm’s smart technology helps projects such as Qatar rail thus giving environmental factors.

Competing in the Global Marketplace

The company works on competitive and corporate strategy that aims at improving its status to become one of the planet’s leading communication enterprises by improving its networks. Ooredoo revealed that it extended its cooperation agreement with Huawei for five years. To acquire huge markets and succeed in its markets, Ooredoo should establish and retain relationships with the clientele, society and suppliers.

The company is escalating its array of data services available for its customers, developing infrastructure to promote digital lifestyle among its clients and develop knowledge based economies in a bid to gain competitive advantage internationally and locally.  For example, the company has built strong presence in Maldives in the mobile broadband industry. Services such as 4G and 3G+ revolutionized the internet services and propelled it to the international market standards (Walsh and Drake, 2016).  Emphasis is laid on providing field internet features like Fibre and Cloud based solutions to boost competitive in the market. To further improve their customers’ experience Ooredoo contracted “Esay Macro” to support high capability capacity networks while promoting eco-friendliness by keeping carbon footprint to zero (Annual report, 2015). The company realizes the need to stay close to its clientele in specific market, maintaining local touch whereas impacting different regions globally.

Strategies in Place

Ooredoo Group’s strategic priorities of being a market leader with a performance culture and efficient models provide a framework for the Group to drive growth and focus on returns as well as maximizing shareholder value (Ooredoo Press release, 2015). Ooredoo Company embraces strategies such as customer strategy, information technology strategy and the turbocharging investment payback. The company’s 2014 report indicates that consumer strategy paid off greatly with the greatest success hooked on the Shahry Key that allowed the clientele to turn their national voices to international voices minutes. Annual Report (2012) cited, the strategy to focus on business lead to reliability of connection of broad portfolios of fixed data offers such as the MPLS (IPVPN). The future of the company is anchored around the IT strategy that works ardently to ensure that critical transformations push the firm to greater heights. Strategy analysis and choice

Implementing Strategies 1

Management issues

Ooredoo has a group of board of Directors who oversee, manage and control the affairs of the enterprises. The management is critical to protection of the enterprises investment and other operations within and without Qatar. The firm operates within strict controls and well-build structures that control operation in different regions. The management pools risk and plans actions that help in mitigating the impacts of risks between different operating companies.

Operations issues

According to the 2015 Annual report, Ooredo delivered robust performance driven by continued growth in customer and double digits in revenue. The company operations are growing massively and efficiency in the company procedure is key to its success.

Implementing Strategy 11


Ooredoo enjoys local market support and customer loyalty. This has been central to the acquisition of new market. The company has ventures into markets like Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq and Indonesia with ease due to the brand and customer loyalty at home.


Finance and accounting are dynamic concepts of functional support system which go a long way in impacting compliance and procedures that help ensuring costs are realized with optimum efficiency.


Ooredoo embraces R& D as a critical pillar in surviving in a knowledge-based economy and being current with technology and fuel innovative thinking. Ooredoo is investing 5G to address increasingly complicated sets of performance demands by the inclusion of novice radio access technologies which have higher frequencies.  The company explores beyond the existing development structures so as to build future momentum (Ooredoo Press Release, 2015). R& D is significant to gain sustainable competitive as the industry is dynamic and preparedness for facing challenges and seize arising opportunities.

MIS issues

The team in-charge of the information system audit the IT system though the whole organization to certify effectiveness and efficiency. The results should be presented to the management and timely implementation accorded to each presentation. This is important in controlling risks and thus boosts the success of the firm.

Leadership and Culture

Strategy evaluation

The challenge that Ooredoo faces is exploiting internal opportunities while retaining the culture of Nawras. To handle culture and leadership challenges, the firms developed leadership development trainings and entered into agreement with different governments department, critical in appreciating diverse working environments. The company’s revenue contribution in 2016 was QAR 32.5 billion (financial year ending 31st Dec, 2016). This shows that the strategies adopted by the company are effective and central to its success.

Strategy review

Ooredoo unrelentingly enhances the livelihood of its clients by aggressive acquisition technological boundaries by providing diverse assortment of novice services and linking its customers. The leadership signed strategic partnership agreements like Starhub which facilitates acquisition of huge marketshares.



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