Sample Management Paper on The Performance Interview

The Performance Interview

  1. Introduction
  1. Definition of performance interview
  1. Thesis statement
  • Performance interview is the best way to define the needed skills for a specific position because it evaluates the behavioral capability of an individual based on their past performance and experience.
  1. Body
  1. History of performance interview
  2. Reasons performance interview is important
  1. Helps in realizing organizational goals
  2. Evaluates employee performance providing a satisfaction experience
  • Helps in negotiating the experienced stress as work ethical issue faced by employees
  1. Ethical issues in regards to conducting interviews
  1. Finding solutions in regards to work overload and stress related issues
  1. How ethical issues fits in conducting interviews
  • Through the questions asked during the interview, issues regarding employee experiences at work such as work overload that leads to stress arises.
  1. Pros and Cons of performance interview
  • Pros
    • Helps solve ethical issues regarding work tolerance
    • Reinforces organizational norms
    • Promotes performance and development of both the employee and the company (Asmub, 2008).
  • Cons
    1. May expose employee weaknesses in the job place
  1. Where it is applicable
  2. Lessons learnt

Through a performance appraisal interview, feedback regarding subordinate performance is promoted and communicated. At the same time, it is the best ways in which discussions on performance deficiencies can be conducted. It is also crucial for exploring more about the work, objectives and goals of an employee.

  1. Conclusion
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Conclusion remarks
  • Performance interview arouses communication through the interaction between the employee and employer enabling them to voice job evaluation and satisfaction.


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