Sample Management Project Appraisal Questionnaire Paper

  1. c) Upon realizing that the project would not meet its schedule, I would first of all call the management of the company and explain to the that the project will not meet the deadlines. The reason for informing the management of the company is because it is the decision-making organ of the company and they have the power to effect contingency measures to prevent the project from becoming a failure. One of the measures that can be taken by the management is to renegotiate terms with the contractors to extend the deadline until when it is tenable to complete the project. The renegotiation process might cost the company a little more than was anticipated, but it will give it an opportunity to avoid a full-blown disaster and loss of both resources and reputation.
  2. d) the various records that should have been kept and preserved include minutes of the meetings, budgets, draft schedules, periodic construction updates, and revisions to the plans. The would include the plans Not keeping these records well mean that there were no references to be made whenever the contractors or subcontractors required clarifications on the requirements of the project. The documents and records should have been kept in a repository and a directory prepared to aid the involved persons and entities to access the records that they would need as the project progressed. A gate keeper should have been appointed to file the records and have control over who should have access to the various records. These documents if kept well, would have prevented the confusion in the specifications of the various parts of the project as was experienced. The mismanagement of the documents played a big role in the failure of the project.