Sample Management Reflection Paper on I am a leader

Leadership is an important aspect for every organization. I am for the school of thought that leaders are made and not born. Excellent leaders usually have the ability to influence others to contribute their most they can towards a certain course. As a leader, I endeavor to influence the people I work with to increase production for my firm to be profitable and compete effectively with its rivals. I am aware of the need to improve on my strengths and weaknesses to achieve the mentioned objective. So far, the two main strengths I need to work on to be a better leader are inclusivity and decisiveness.

Inclusivity is a leadership concept that seeks to utilize abilities in each person within a given working setup to achieve a given goal. Situational leadership theories insist on focusing on rallying followers to build their capacities towards higher competencies (Kaufman & Adam 605). I have realized that all people within a corporation have something to offer and it is my responsibility as a leader to focus on identifying the abilities of each one and exploit them to develop the organization. Using a specific example, I will have to identify those followers with low competencies to help them develop higher competencies in their areas of influence. On the same note, I endeavor to note those with lower confidence to build their capacities in the same area. Additionally, feedback is an important concept of inclusivity. Therefore, no matter the capability of the members of staff, I believe it is important to open specific communication channels for feedback.

All employees desire to be involved in the leadership process. However, as a leader, it is imperative to determine the areas that each of the workers fit for them to be as productive as possible. As such, I believe that I need to be resolute on what each follower should do. At certain I will have to be physically present at the firm to guide the workforce to assign tasks and assignments as per the abilities and stage of growth. Furthermore, I will assess their work and then make other adjustments if necessary.

Indecisiveness may cause panic and subsequent loss within an organization hence it should not be allowed. According to the Trait Theory, it is imperative for a leader to focus on improving his or her strengths while working on the weaknesses. I think I can be more decisive. Decisiveness is a strength that a leader could exploit to improve performance in his or her circle of influence (Kaufman & Adam 608). I believe that being decisive is especially important when it comes to emergency situations since it allows people to stay calm when situations seem to be dire rather than panic and make the wrong choices. When everybody my followers believe that beyond repair thus give up easily believe that being decisive will help me to assess a situation and come up with a solution to the problem. However, I will also be willing to learn from the wrong decisions I may make at such emergencies.

In conclusion, I reiterate the need to develop leadership qualities for my benefit, as well as for the development of people who follow me. I believe that I could be of more importance if I become more decisive in dealing with specific situations that arise. Developed decisiveness will help me provide direction in times of crisis. On the same note, inclusivity will help me put into consideration the whole team. I desire to allow them become part of the leadership by having the ability to give feedback on the various operations of the organization.


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