Sample Management Training Case Study on Safety

Training Case Study

Improving fleet safety among employees is essential for a company and for the welfare of employees. To ensure that a company’s personnel, vehicle and merchandise is protected from the risk of injury, death or road accident-related losses, a company must identify all of its drivers including employees using personal or rented vehicles. These drivers should be hired through clearly set hiring procedures and an effective vetting process. Thereafter, all drivers should be trained to understand vehicle safety policies and procedures on safe driving strategies and techniques even in defensive driving (National Safety Council, 2014).

Management commitment by the company will be essential in ensuring the program is used and assist in managing drivers by ensuring they follow fleet safety rules. Since poor maintenance of vehicles is a major cause of accidents, a regular schedule for vehicle maintenance will help reduce  road accidents. Best format of training to influence employees to drive safely involves a number of actions. Employee involvement and participation should be encouraged at all levels of the organization during the setting of policies and allocating resources. In addition, a disciplinary action system is necessary to assist determine the course of action after the occurrence of a moving violation is made. The system can be used to tackle cases of repeat traffic offenders by offering a platform for progressive discipline.

An incentive program should be created to incorporate safe driving into the business operations. Incentives can have monetary, non-monetary value or both and may include bonuses, special recognitions and special privileges. Extension of driver safety program to employees’ families and members of the community is besides essential, as it provides public relations benefits for the company and boosts employee morale. This, in turn, creates a safer driving environment for employees, dependents, and members of the community. it is also necessary to establish a driver agreement with all employees who drive for work purposes. This is moreover, an indication of acknowledgement of awareness and understanding of organizations traffic safety policies. When these are embraced in training, then safety while driving will be enhanced.


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