Sample Marketing Case Study on Just Falafel

Every successful marketing strategy blends its marketing goals to form one comprehensive plan. The strategy is majorly derived from market research and focuses on a suitable product mix to generate maximum profits and create business sustainability. Just Falafel (JF) has been on the lead in this respect through their marketing strategy that has incorporated the segmentation, positioning, and targeting strategy, which has led to their present business success.

In its segmentation strategy, JF has divided its customers into segments or groups based on shared traits. JF’s consumers are divided based on their behaviors or buying patterns, which are triggered by their immediate needs and responses to such needs. JF’s customers are divided based on their sensitivity to health, environment, innovation, modernity, taste, and quality of service they receive at the various stores. This strategy, therefore, promotes repeat purchases among the consumers and boosts their loyalty to the company’s products.

In its positioning strategy, JF communicates the crucial benefits of its business provisions to potential consumers. Falafel positions its business in a manner that is able to transform the fast-food sector by offering quick, but tasty meals that are good for their customers’ health. JF’s menu, therefore, is made of fresh premium ingredients and vegetables imported from chosen countries. Their operations are based on the strictest policies of hygiene and quality. The firm is increasingly sensitive to what they incorporate in their food.

The company has also chosen the potential customers on whom they wish to sell their products. In this case, their target strategy primarily aims to reach consumers within the fast-food sector, who are increasingly sensitive to nutrition and taste. The company aims to sell its products to health-conscious consumers all over the world. In order to reach their target group, JF blends all the world flavors when preparing their meals to satisfy the needs of their target audience from diverse origins.