Sample Marketing Essays on Apple’s ad: Shot on iPhone XS

Advertisements are widely used by companies to create awareness to the public, of the company’s new or improved products or services. Compared to past few decades, advertisements by companies have greatly increased due to the technological enhancements. Besides the advertising channels like newspaper, television, radio and billboards; internet platforms such as Facebook and Google can be used by companies to advertise their products or services effectively. Apple, an American multi-national tech company, dealing with designing, development and retailing products like iPhone and offering services such as app store; recently released a video ad “Don’t Mess with Mother” to promote the company’s smartphone’s camera capabilities, specifically the iPhone XS from which the video shot was taken. The video, captured from different parts of the world covering mountains, seas and forests, demonstrates how versatile, sharp and mobile the iPhone can be. The ad contains no call-to-action. The apple’s ad intends to increase the company’s sales of the smartphone by prompting consumers using the Mother Nature film.

The reverse-engineered Apple’s value proposition is; for young generation high earners, interested in exploring and storing the magnificent memories of the world; from its natural color to vibrancy, action to power, iPhone XS captures quality videos and pictures from all angles of the globe and stores the content for future needs. The proposition clearly tells smartphone customers why they should engage in business with Apple tech rather than other smartphone producers. Just as in the ‘Don’t Mess with Mother’ film ad, the iPhone’s camera poses a range of capabilities compared to other smartphones developed by other companies. The camera can capture scenes both above and below the sea, animal action as well as volcanic eruption scenes also recorded in finer details. The cameras resolution is definitely high and effective, able to capture specific dimension of objects in the environment compared to other smartphone cameras. The Apple’s advertisement targets young generation high earners who value striking features including HD clarity, object actual sensing, and enhanced camera performance. The young generation are depicted to attach more value to photographs and videos compared to older generation.

The Apple’s ‘Don’t Mess with Mother’ film ad will be effective in prompting the young generation high earners to purchase the iPhone which suits their camera-quality needs. The advertisement displays the cameras capability in both common and unusual scenarios. The common scenarios are reflected by the movements of animals like elephants on earth as well as mountain sites, while unusual scenarios are reflected by the movement of sea creatures like whales below waters and the volcanic eruption precise action. The remarkable beauty of nature displayed in the video compels the young generation consumer with high income to purchase the iPhone with no delay. The use of proper positioning strategies by Apple can aid in gaining a huge market share and boost the sales and profits of the company. The positioning strategy is demographic, used to target the youth with high income.

Brand building banks on a good marketing communication process, which usually set to accomplish the intended purpose of communication in form of an advertisement in the Apple’s case. The viewers of the Apple’s ad ‘Don’t Mess with Mother’ will decode the message as intended by the advertiser since there is a mutual background and social influences by the advertiser and the viewer. On viewing the video, the receiver understands clearly the purpose of the ad film due to its outstanding features like clarity and versatility.


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