Sample Marketing Essays on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Based on Ben & Jerry’s website, the firm’s customers are loyal and trust the firm’s products. The firm has many loyal, and dedicate fans as their ice creams are hard to resist. Ben & Jerry’s have managed to maintain normal and online interaction with their customers, thus, enable them to get feedback about the products from the customers. Moreover, the fans trust Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as they have that positive experience in using the product (Polk, 2014). The customers argue that the ice creams are quality, and of good taste, hence, they have to get them over and over. Furthermore, the customer groups are related to selling ice cream as they often act as a brand community. This means that the customers usually interact with each other, and the brand, hence influencing others to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Question Two

Ben & Jerry’s website is used to collect customer information by identifying partners and movements that support the firm’s brand. Ben & Jerry’s seeks to support and leverage the momentum of the existing movements and partners that share the same values. This enables the firm to easily collect information, and at a less cost from its customers. This saves the firm from the high costs of managing programs and leading movements on its own. Moreover, the website is used to collect customer information through mobilizing the communities in service of those existing partners, and movements (Polk, 2014). This ensures that the firm is clear on its commitments to satisfy the demands of its customers. Besides, it ensures that the firm and customers effectively collaborate to create a change seeking to improve the existing ice cream products.

Work Cited

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