Sample Marketing Essays on Converse-Chuck 70

Section 1: Choosing a Product or Product Category

The chosen product is Converse-Chuck 70. The product category is a model of casual shoes designed and made by Converse Company. The corporation is responsible for developing, distributing, and marketing high-performance and casual athletic shoes. Converse-Chuck 70 is a unique tribute to the legendary basketball shoes that were predominant in America in the 1970s. Moreover. these shoes are named after Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor, a famous American basketball player in 1920. He had a sponsorship contract with the Converse Company and helped in growing the sneaker and the brand’s popularity. The Converse Chuck Taylors shoes also became the preferred shoes worn by most basketball players during the period. According to an article by Vanessa Friedman in the New York Times, Converse-Chuck 70 is one of the most successful sneakers in the world.

the shoes have managed to remain relevant for a long time. According to the company’s website, the shoes introduced new street style classics and culture of an authentic culture of “being the true self.”The product category has remained relevant and consistent over the years, despite the constant changes in fashion trends. Converse sneakers are indeed iconic, with a simple design style resonating with modern fashion trends. Moreover, the shoes aresturdier and with more premium fixings. They are also versatile and comfortable, capable of easing stress for the users. I want to study Converse-Chuck 70 because I believe the product is one of the strongest All-Star sneakers. I also want to understand how the sneaker has remained consistent in a global fashion industry that is continuously changing.

Section 2: Consumer Research and Trends

Summary of Relevant Articles

The secondary research relies on different trend journals discussing various trends in demand for converse-chuck 70. Trade journals are periodic journals targeting specific industries or trade groups and they feature important news on topics of interest to professionals and consumers in the global footwear and fashion industry.the selected trade journals include Sneaker Freaker and the Who What Wear platform. For example, the “Who What Wear” platforms provide detailed information about different fashion brands, trend reports, and other critical wardrobe information. On the other hand, Nice Kicks is an independent platform dedicated to the obsessive coverage of trends in athletic footwear. The two trade journals targets global audiences through various online platforms. The targeted consumers can derive important product information and current trends from such platforms. Accordingly, the two selected articles include:

Darren, G. (2018). How the Converse Chuck 70 Became 2018’s Defining Sneaker. Nice Kicks. Retrieved from

The content of the article in the article examines significant trends that transformed Converse Chuck into a defining sneaker line. According to the author, the company relied on the consistency of its products and culture of innovative performances to succeed in the global competitive industry. Particularly, the enterprise has managed to create and replicate different cycles of fashion, especially with the introduction of the converse-chuck 70 product category (Darren, 2018). The converse-chuck 70 represents a contemporary trend in the sneaker culture and forms the foundation of re-mastered footwear and the modern styling of the product targets current clothing trends and styles. For example, according to the article, users can pair converse-chuck 70 with loose tailoring leaning sharply into exceptional style sensibilities. The pairing of chucks with slimmed-silhouettes increases the desirability and appeal of the converse-chuck 70 shoes to younger consumers. The article also opines the shoes resonates with the modern trend of dressing cleaner involving tucked shirts and cropped trousers. Therefore, consumers with an exceptional taste of the sneaker culture can expand their wardrobes to accommodate the extraordinary converse-chuck 70 shoes (Darren, 2018). Undeniably, Chuck’s 70s elicits authenticity and high selling points in terms of quality and performance efficiency. The refined Chuck 70 is a heritage shoe category that is desirable, effortless, and offers transitional concepts of footwear fashion. Overall, the article suggests that users can pair converse-chuck 70 shoes with other simple street-themed wears. Converse is relying on such fashion trends to attract and retain younger consumers in modern societies. Specifically, converse-chuck 70 reverberates with most of the younger generation’s wild, simple, and amazing sense of fashion.

Lauren, E. (2018). How to Wear Converse Sneakers in 2020. What Who Wear. Retrieved from

According to the trade journal by Lauren, the Converse sneaker brand has undergone significant changes and trends in fashionable styles. The product has transformed into street style elite incorporating various innovative trends (Lauren, 2018). The shoes also inspire creative imaginations and exceptional allures, and consumers can wear sneakers by pairing them with other fashionable styles and products. The journal further asserts that modern consumers of the converse-chuck 70 productcan attract attention from other members of society and the users can pair the sneakers with faux-fur coats, sweatpants, and vinyl pants. Moreover, thenew outfit ideas infuse the street style elite impressions among people wearing the converse-chuck 70 shoes. Indeed, according to the journal, the continual evolution of the timeless shoes inspires creativity and adventurous experiences among the users.  Furthermore, the new trends in converse-chuck 70 targets capture the latest street style moments inspired by unique content and creative fashion looks (Lauren, 2018). Other vital trends, according to the trading journal, include Casual Neon Pieces + Converse, Floral Maxi Dress + Converse, Tie-Dye Shirt + Wide-Leg Trousers + Converse, Sweater + Long Shorts + Converse, and Trench Coat + Trousers + Converse. The Company relies on these new streetwise trends to market its brand of converse-chuck 70 shoes. Notably, Converse hope to resonate with the customers’ changing trend in dressing codes and sense of fashion. Through such consistency, the company has remained relevant and proactive in the global footwear and fashion industry.

The Primary Market Segments

Converse-Chuck 70 has maintained a unique multi-generational appeal, especially to younger generations. The productembraces the concept of self-expression in most of its shoe brands, strengthening the company’s status in the global footwear market.Figure 1 captures the product’s primary market segment approach detailing the specific demographic characteristics of the targeted consumers and the preferred product features and concepts.

Figure 1. Market Segmentation

Source: Adapted from Schiffman &Kanuk(2014)

Under demographic segmentation, Converse-Chuck 70 is targeting consumers in different age groups. The targeted brand consumers are under 13, 13-19, 20-35, and above 35 age groups. Based on income segmentation, Converse-Chuck 70 is targeting consumers in different income categories. For example, the brand targets consumers with no income, such as students, middle, and upper social class citizens. The segmentation of different generations of consumers is also helping Converse-Chuck 70 to remain relevant in the fashion industry. The baby boomers (1946-1964), generation X (1964-1984), and Generation Y (after 1984) resonate with the Converse-Chuck 70 products. The above generational segmentation implies that the product has managed to create and sustain an unparalleled connection with the consumers. The brand is also utilizing such inspiring relationships with all generations to market and sell its merchandises. More importantly, Converse is investing in quality products capable of eliciting long-term loyalty to its brand. Moreover, the younger generations in modern or contemporary societies has a tangible connection to Converse-Chuck 70 shoes. The product supports their simple, wild, and adventurous sense of dressing, and the desire to have unique outdoor experiences. The company must satisfy the young generations’ increasing demand for modern fashion trends to sustain such levels of loyalty.

Converse-chuck 70 shoes further targets consumers with different lifestyles and personalities based on psychographic segmentation. The six groups of consumers based on psychographic segmentation include resigned, aspirers, succeeded, explorer, reformer, behavioral, and the hard-core loyal. Converse-Chuck 70 targets Aspirers because they are materialistic, acquisitive, and image-conscious.The identified customer segment emphasizes on content quality and the visual appeal of the products. Besides, the Aspirers are relatively young and have a strong desire to adopt modern fashion trends. Converse-Chuck 70 also targets behavioral consumers who are hard-core loyal to their brands. The selected consumers based are also fashion-oriented and are looking for versatile products with an impressive visual appeal. Outdoor sports enthusiasts are also likely to purchase Converse-Chuck 70 to enhance their activities and related performances. Lastly, the product targets the younger generation falling in the “reformer” and “explorer” psychographic lifestyle segmentation. This group of consumers is adventurous and energy-autonomy such as college and high school students.

Targeting and Positioning of The Product

Based on targeting, Converse-Chuck 70 has managed to attract consumers from different segmentations or consumer bases. The consumers in the age group ranging between 13 and 19 years old are some of the biggest consumers of the product. The premium pricing also implies that the brand targets consumers with higher income levels or middle and upper socio-economic classes (Schiffman &Kanuk, 2014). More importantly, the design of Converse-Chuck 70 targets both male and female consumers. The unisex range of products implies that consumers do not struggle to find their best fit for Converse-Chuck 70 shoes. Lastly, the targeted younger consumers are adventurous and may require versatile products to execute their extensive outdoor activities. The young consumers may also prefer the product because of their interest in fashion trends and new visual appeals.

When it comes to positioning, Converse-Chuck 70 targets different personalities, such as artists and rockers. The primary objective of the brand is to promote self-consciousness and celebrate individuality, and the brand encourages its targeted consumers to develop self-belief that they will appear unique by trying the Converse-Chuck 70 shoes. Initially, the brand positioned itself as the ideal athletic footwear for basketball players. However, with the introduction of a retro-modern subculture, Converse-Chuck 70 is positioning itself as classic footwear for the younger people. The increased attention to the Generation Y consumers will help Converse Company to sustain its productive capacities and relevance in a competitive industry.

The brand uses its value preposition to position itself based on superior quality products. The integration of various price ranges fitting consumers’ socio-economic classes and the attractive visual images have further helped Converse-Chuck 70 to acquire the right positions in the targeted consumers’ minds. Lastly, the company has positioned the brand as a trendy and straightforward product theme capable of eliciting the consumers’ versatility and self-consciousness. the decision to name the brand after the legendary American basketball player Chuck H. Taylor was also strategic and helped to generate different generational appeals.

The Estimate of the Size of the Target Market

Converse Company is a renowned brand in the global fashion footwear industry; as such, the company positions its converse-chuck 70 brands to attract different segments of consumers. For example, the company is using its reasonable prices and the concept of self-expression to target the younger generation, including students and young professionals. The company projects a market size of approximately 14 million potential consumers in its proposed operations in Canada. Specifically, the targeted size comprises of consumers in the 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, and 35-39 age groups (Canada Statistics). The targeted consumers are materialistic, image-conscious, have persuasive visual appeals, and are acquisitive. They are also adventurous and fashion-oriented and are likely to remain loyal to the company’s brand.

Section 3: Use of Internet

The internet is a valuable tool for targeted online consumers or shoppers, including those of converse-chuck 70 products, because it aids in systematic processing and thinking-oriented purchase decision. Notably, buying or purchase processes involve various distinct stages (Stephen, 2016). First, the consumer must recognize the need to acquire new items, replace, or upgrade. They can then use the internet to search for specific information about the desired product. The information may include the type of brand and models available in the market, the product cost, and other user-friendly specifications. other critical information from the internet may include previews from the current users and the perceived quality, which may consist of feedback from past and present consumers and recommendations from online friends about converse-chuck 70 shoes. Lastly, access to verified blog posts from social media users can enhance the purchase decision.

In essence, when making purchase decisions, consumers can access product features and varieties from different internet platforms. Through such pre-purchase information gathered from various online platforms, the shoppers can make accurate comparisons and determination of the appropriate commodity capable of satisfying their needs (Stephen, 2016). Through such information, the consumers can evaluate their options about different converse-chuck 70 products and weigh the pros and cons of alternative products based on considerations such as quality and price. In this case, the company will direct the consumers to a customized website to facilitate their purchase decisions. The site provides accurate information about the quality and prices of the converse-chuck 70 shoes.  After a comprehensive overview of the online content, targeted consumers can make desirable purchase decisions.

Markedly, the comprehensive analysis of the online users’ activities can help companies to ascertain or predict consumption trends. For example, the number of potential consumers visiting web pages such as fashion websites can help Converse to place relevant ads. Overall, consumers in the online environment can make better purchase decisions compared to the traditional offline customers (De Mooij, 2019). In particular, customers using the internet to make product orders have higher bargaining power. They also have perfect information about price and quality of the commodities.

The internet exposes consumers to more meaningful choices and product alternatives. Through easier and quicker generation of relevant information about converse-chuck 70, the targeted users may generate higher level of knowledge and competency about product applications.Besides, the company’s consumers can enjoy their privacy and develop higher expectations while making appropriate product choices from the customized website. However, distorted online information about converse-chuck 70 can influence customers to choose to forego the shoes.

Section 4: Comparative Analysis

Vans Company is Converse Company’s main competitor in the global footwear industry in terms of market share and while the two companies are similar product ranges and a wider variety of commodities in terms of design, they differ significantly based on their marketing strategies or approaches. For instance, Converse has a more aggressive marketing strategy compared to Vans. Moreover, converse has positioned itself as a desirable brand based on its constant technological applications and improvements (Converse Company). The corporation’s products are also distinguishable in terms of both quality and price. Furthermore, the Converse markets itself as a generational brand with a unique blend of the 1970s. Markedly, as an established and popular brand, Converse targets loyal customer bases with the desire for quality and durable products. The development of co-branded products and constant design and fabric improvements further make Converse products ideal for contemporary consumers.  The products are also reasonably charged at different premium prices depending on the quality specifications (Converse Company). The recent acquisition of Converse by Nike implies that the company can expand its product line of high-end co-branded products.Furthermore, Converse relies on extensive endorsements from celebrities or famous personalities to strengthen its market campaigns. Through such marketing strategies, the firm can encourage targeted consumers to purchase the new 1970s-themed models such as converse-chuck 70.

Vans’ unique features are critical marketing strategies that have endeared it to loyal consumers. The corporation has a unique corporate image with a defiant attitude towards various market strategies and the company has maintained its exceptional brand identity despite its recent acquisition by VF. The firm targets the rising subcultures comprising of misfits and rebels, such as skateboarders. Moreover, the company copied Converse by incorporating iconic models into its products to attract consumer bases. The firm’s shoe category is durable and provides superior flexibility, grip, and ankle support, among other essential quality specifications. Currently, Vans is nurturing its relationships with alternative action-sports such as BMX and skateboarding to market its product ranges (Vans Company). The appeal to the diverse group of consumers implies that Vans embraces diversity and customer participation in brand development. Besides, the enterprisehas learned to adapt quickly to the changing fashion and cultural trends in the global footwear industry. The use of celebrities, such as Stacy Peralta, a skateboarding legend, to endorse the products has further earned Vans a loyal and influential group of customers and brand ambassadors. Overall, Vans has succeeded in capitalizing the rising trends and subcultures to create and sustain a large consumption base. The company’s products also embody its clients’ values and innate beliefs about life and other important considerations.

Undeniably, both Vans and Converse target rebels and enthusiasts with their versatile and comfortable productsand they have embraced innovation and creativity in their product design and development. In particular, adventurous students seeking to explore and have fun are likely to find converse-chuck 70 appealing and desirable. Accordingly, the companies’ marketing strategies must appeal to the targeted customers’ ethos and innate desires. Theuse of social media and collaboration with celebrities and personalities has also helped the two companies to market and position themselves in the competitive global footwear and fashion industry. For example, the two companies have prolific presence on social medial platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. They use such platforms to provide relevant information about their products’ design and other vital quality specifications. Their respective Instagram accounts are full of beautiful images of the companies’ products, exposing the blissful and evocative lifestyles of its wearers.




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