Sample Marketing Essays on Facebook social media marketing strategy

Facebook social media marketing strategy is working well for SNHU. Effectiveness is demonstrated by the clicks that directly takes a user to SNHU supply online store. The most online traffic comes from the Facebook page and ads as depicted by the maximum of 500 clicks the company achieved during the period. In addition, the page activities have been commendable. From the case, it is evident that the number of people reached within the duration was 6,000 with the platform engaging about 625 users. This is important to a business because publishing engaging posts, products and images assist the company to actively interact with their customers. This can potentially work positively for the company because it increases the chances to convince a client. According to Leibowitz (2018), active engagement can be significant in dealing with unhappy customers. Ultimately, the cost of incurred by SNHU to make the above engagements and online store clicks is minimal, as depicting from the case, SNHU incurred between 0.27 to 0.72 dollars for the ads. However, the page activities can be improved if the company posts regularly and adequately engages users on a daily basis.

Instagram has largely been unsuccessful. Instagram is meant to monitor, track and engage user using likes, comments, shares, hashtags and messages sent through the platform (Dominique, 2019). The number of people directed to the online store is just 6 compared to Facebook that registered 500. Even though the number of impressions registered is 10,657, it does not translate to traffic directed to the company’s online store. It is unfortunate that more than 2,234 were reached weekly but failed to respond to make direct contact with the company. Effectiveness of Instagram has been affected by the uncertainties surrounding posts, sharing, hashtags, and content. Per Dominique (2019), failure of Instagram is often linked to its algorithms that, perhaps, demand a lot from marketers. The possible reason why the number of people visiting the SNHU online store is low is because the posts are not relevant to the many people seeing it. This platform requires dedication to actively engage users regularly to establish relationships and market niche.



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