Sample Marketing Essays on Marketing of Apple iPhone

Money is no Object

An example of a product where money is no object is Apple iPhone. In the recent past, smartphones have become popular since they have diverse functionalities that make them more than just standard mobile phones. Nowadays, smartphones can do most tasks that were previously only achievable on a computer. The most popular smartphone in the market today is the Apple iPhone, which features the latest applications amongst many other impressive functionalities. For many smartphone users and especially those used to Apple devices, the many uses of this phone make it mandatory to own it. This explains why there are always long lines at Apple shops whenever a new iPhone is released.

Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone cannot be priced unreasonably. This implies that Apple cannot charge any price it wants. Even though the iPhone boasts unmatched functionality, there are other smartphones in the market that can rival it. Currently, the biggest threat to the iPhone is posed by Samsung’s Galaxy phones. Just like Apple, Samsung has been producing smartphones with exciting features. To avoid having Samsung Galaxy smartphones take away its market, Apple must not only produce superior iPhones but must also price them sensibly.


The percentage of distribution at any given channel should depend on the target market, market share, and the efficiency of the channel itself. Therefore, I will not agree with a boss who wants to have 100% distribution of a product in all possible channels. This will be too risky since some channels may not be as efficient as others may. In addition, the capacity of channels may vary. In making a decision, it is essential to carry out comprehensive market research that will determine the market segments to be exploited fully.

In making a great sales pitch to a grocery store, it is vital to explain to them how the product will boost their sales and attract new customers. Therefore, I will look at their current operations and performance over the last few years. Afterward, I will examine how the proposed product will fit into their operations. For a convincing pitch, I will explain to them why the product will be popular in the market. Carrying out market research and sharing my findings with the store owners will back my pitch.

Coca Cola: Comparison of Websites for India and the US

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most recognized brand in the world. It boasts a presence in numerous countries, enabling it generates billions of dollars in revenues each year. However, in the past, the company has been accused of engaging in unethical business practices and environmental pollution. This accusation has especially been leveled in developing countries. Therefore, on the company’s India website, it has mostly tried to communicate its environmental conservation strategies. For instance, its homepage features its water treatment endeavors in conjunction with its main distribution plant. There is also a link to its latest sustainability report. Other more noticeable features include its two latest corporate social responsibility efforts. The website also advertises the company’s two flagship brands in India: Sprite and Coca-Cola. It boasts how Sprite is the favorite drink. From this website, one can conclude that while Indians generally love and consume Coca-Cola beverages, they are also concerned about its environmental conservation efforts.

In contrast to the Indian website, Coca-Cola’s US website heavily features advertisements of the company’s products. For example, there is a video of the official 2014 commercial. There is also a promotion that promises consumers a meeting with some members of the US athletics team. In addition, this website contains information about different brands, not just Coca-Cola and Sprite.