Sample Marketing Essays on Measles Eradication Pitch

Thank you, your excellence for allowing me to chat with you in this elevator on the issue of measles eradication. Most of the developed countries have committed themselves to achieve the elimination of rubella and measles in the next few years1. They are mainly driven by the benefits associated with the eradication of these conditions among their people. I will also request you to provide resources and lead campaigns to eradicate these conditions in your country for the benefit of your people.

Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. Eliminating rubella and measles will significantly reduce or end the cases of paralyzed patients in your territory. There is sufficient scientific evidence to show that rubella and measles have paralyzed many children across the globe in the past2.
  2. Supporting this campaign will help to safeguard the benefits that have been achieved in the past concerning rubella and measles elimination in your country.
  • Providing the required resources will enable your country to effectively maintain the disease surveillance programs, which are vital in ensuring that any emerging case of these wild polioviruses are identified and addressed on time3.
  1. The benefits of eradicating rubella and measles are permanent since they seek to reduce cases of these conditions to zero in your country. These efforts will reduce any future costs since these viruses will be eliminated permanently4.

I want to work on such an initiative in a developing country because I know its benefits to the risky population. Since the vaccines of rubella and measles have already been developed, it is important to use them to protect those exposed to these conditions5. I want to use my marketing skills to eradicate rubella and measles campaigns in developing countries. Unlike in developed countries, most people in these regions do not know the benefits of eliminating this virus6. Hence, I will be eager to work there to help those exposed to them with information and other resources.


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