Sample Marketing Essays on Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz is a company that operates in the automotive industry manufacturing a broad range of automobiles that also act as final products. Its headquarters is situated in Stuttgart, Germany and it has the most recognized brands worldwide. The range of products offered by the company includes a variety of cars, transport trucks, vans, and buses. The company also offers financial services through competitive insurance policies that are designed to finance the vehicles and provide comprehensive and wide variety of benefits. The success of the company is attributed to the wide range of finance services offered; customized and tailor-made products are designed to meet individual customer needs. The company has also been on the forefront in providing customized customer care and support on issues arising from their products.

Mission and Purpose Statement

The vision of the company is becoming the number one manufacturer of quality automobiles while ensuring profitability in the automotive sector worldwide. The mission statements ascribes to delighting the customers in whatever they do as a company while being the best provider for technical accessories. This mission is pursued purposefully and consistently through production of innovative and quality products that have the potential of ensuring a sustainable economic growth, thus, contributing to the company’s success. The existing portfolio makes the pursuit of the goals easier to fulfill the diverse nature of customers’ needs through providing individualized and attractive vehicles. Products and services developed by the company take precedence of quality and safety, thereby setting standards that have firm foundation on innovation and outstanding designs.

The mission statement forms the basis of all the business operations of the company as it embraces integrity, sustainability, and mutual appreciation of all the stakeholders that are part of the company establishment. The purpose statement, on the other hand, underscores the shared philosophy and provides a metric for dealing with clients, thereby laying a firm foundation for a sustainable business growth and development. This service to the people must be sustainable and done on the most responsible way.


Infrastructure in a company needs a lot of planning to cope up with the diverse needs that are always not anticipated. Researchers have pointed out that heavy investment in infrastructure may have a positive impact on the success of a company, and thus, such should be used to its full potential. As a matter of fact, customers today use technology, and therefore, expect the company to reciprocate by using them effectively including in offering customized customer care services.

Customer assistance, center infrastructure is a point of contact in the vast Europe region. The center assists in providing caring services for the needs of the current and future customers by having committed and dedicated employees acting as brand ambassadors. This infrastructure will ensure the success of the company as it will aid in the prompt response to customer enquiries and complaints on a 24-hour basis. This infrastructure will also ensure the success of the company by providing a working environment with dynamic and motivated colleagues ready to offer top-notch customer care services to the clients.

The company also engages the Medallia infrastructure that identifies and provides the opportunity to make client data accessible in the most relevant format. This will ensure the company success, as staffs are able to make sound decision from the available data. Moreover, this is a solution to tackle specific requirements of the automotive industry creatively through full engagement with customer data to build a culture of customer centricity