Sample Marketing Essays on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the 21st century innovations that has completely revolutionized marketing and business-customer relations. Although it has many advantages, social media marketing can damage brand images if misused.

Brand image communication on social media starts by nurturing good customer relations. Good customer relations begins with the supply of high quality goods and great customer service. Once the customer is happy with their seller, he/she will make repeat purchases and refer their friends as well as family to their seller (Dessler, 2017). Thus, businesses should strive for great customer relations to succeed in brand image communication.

Secondly, brand image is promoted through increased social media traffic on the company’s platforms. The intention of the online marketers is to ensure that as many people as possible are capable of seeing the product promotion ads displayed on social media (Dessler 2017). The more the people that see the advertisement, like it, share it, and comment on it; the higher the company’s search engine ranking. Thus, a higher search engine ranking results in more visibility online meaning that more traffic is driven to it to boost brand image communication.

Thirdly, brand image is communicated on social media by posting relevant and interesting content that stirs up conversations among the consumers. Relevant message content helps the company to meet its marketing objective. It involves posting content that describes existing and new products, the company, and the company’s esteemed customers. Besides, interesting subjects posted online helps in stirring conversations that provide feedback from customers to the company (Guerrero, 2019). Irrelevant communication may only result in the customers leaving the social media platforms as they are deemed not useful. In this regard, therefore, the content needs to be well researched and authentic to heighten brand communication.

Fourthly, marketers should also utilize infographics, photos, and videos. Plain word texts do not attract attention compared to a short video or a lovely photo of the company’s product and/or customers (Guerrero, 2019). Besides, the online marketers should be keen on avoiding the use of dull colors on the product photos and advertisements since those ones only drive away viewers. Research also needs to be done prior to posting content to know what is acceptable in some cultures and unacceptable in others so that they do not annoy their customers through the social media content.  Thus, photos and videos should form part of the social media content for successful communication of the brand image.

Lastly, brand image communication takes place through designing a logo that depicts the brand philosophy on social media pages of a company. This logo helps the customers and potential marketers to have a distinct picture in their minds about the identity of the product and how it can meet their needs (Guerrero, 2019). For instance, the Coca-Cola brand has an outstanding brand logo that is easily identified by even the young ones. Good logos attract people to the company’s products, resulting in a positive brand image.


Thus, social media is indeed a significant marketing tool in this age. Marketers can communicate their brand images on social media through good customer rapport, increasing social media traffic, posting relevant content, using photos and videos on their posts, and by designing a distinct brand logo.




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