Sample Marketing Paper on Advertising Strategy

It is important for the product’s advertising strategy to be consistent with the advertising products acceptance stage. The reason is that every product has a dying stage. So the product acceptance stage is literally the pathway through which the product undergoes until its dying stage which are; the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stage. And for the best advertising strategy, these stages must be understood well as elaborated below. (Claessens 2015)

Introduction stage; here in this stage, this is where the product is being introduced in the market and so much work is here. Much advertising and product promotion is required here where also sales begin slowly. And in this stage it’s just creating awareness and so there is not much sales leading to profits. The second stage becomes the growth stage. This stage, as the name suggests, is where the sales are growing and profit-making begins from here. In this stage, the product takes off as other organizations and companies come for the product. The next stage is maturity where the sales improve to the maximum but the growth rate begins to decrease. In this case, the problem is now that competitors begin to roll in the market and so the product tends to get other competing products. The last stage becomes the decline stage where sales come down and the business looks for an alternative product. (Tutor2u Business 2018)

In conclusion, I would agree that the advertising strategy of a product must be consistent with the product acceptance stage. This is true because as seen in the discussion above, not every stage will need the same level of advertisement. For example, the introduction stage will need much advertisement and promotion of high engines, unlike the decline level where competition becomes a challenge. And also the growth stage and the decline stage will also not need the same rate of advertisement. And so, this is very important thing or factor to be considered.


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