Sample Marketing Paper on Digital Marketing Plan

Marketing Digital Marketing Plan


The Internet has been significant in connecting fans in the musical industry (Hutchison 1). Traditionally, there are several marketing outlets, which have been amplified by several digital based marketing strategies through sales and distribution outlets. Online digital marketing plan is aimed at developing a deeper investment to our band so that it can get future recognition and attention as it presents a new way of communicating with the audiences in the digital environment (Weber 3). This marketing plan is intended for the Primal Scream band that will lead to its success. The plan will be executed in a period of 9 months, and the focus is to create a solid foundation for a strong brand name that will be recognized in the future.

Primal Scream is a band that hails from Glasgow and performs in traditional classic rocks in all its songs. The most influential hits of the band include The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. In as much as the band has featured extensively in Garage Rock, Indie and dance, the advent of new technological developments have triggered the artists to incorporate different musical experiments. This was demonstrated in their album ‘Screamadelica”, which was released in 1991 that became popular. Between 1987 -2008, the band released more than 9 albums, the latest being “Beautiful Future,” which was one of the top hit songs. This aspect indicates that the band has never lost its popularity. In developing this 9 months’ album marketing strategy plan, the band aims at establishing a strong brand name that will see it have a local supporting fan base, which will prepare the ground for the intended visit to the United Kingdom.


The main goals of this album’s digital marketing plan for 9 months include the following:

  • Getting more than 700 mailing lists for London by the end of 12 months’ period, and creating and nurturing warm relationship by keeping them active and supportive
  • Increasing the number of Facebook fan base to more than 3,000 by ensuring that they are actively engaged with effective and quality content.
  • Creating an active Tumblr blog that will incorporate visual content and videos that will reach more than 3, 000 Facebook followers.
  • Establishing a strong brand in an effective style that will ensure people recognize the band album easily. This will focus on the branded, visual content and the band’s image that will incorporate effective and quality media.
  • Creating Primal Scream connections with given lifestyles that will encourage people to be associated with the band in a broader way other than music (Jaffe 7).
  • Acquiring Primal Scream name from other websites to make it easy for people to enhance their credibility towards the band’s image
  • Playing the special show monthly in exceptional locations and venues that will trigger people’s interest in discovering more about the band and its outlook.


Asset and Preparation

  • 350 copies of the band’s album self-titled Primal Scream
  • 15 new tracks yet to be released
  • 5 new videos also yet to be released and three to be shot
  • Partnership with three renowned fashion designers to create hand made products
  • A full album by the end of the marketing period
  • Short documentary for the about the performances
  • Quality videos and photos for the performances
  • Exceptional venues for the performances
  • Wide-ranging list of blogs especially for music, lifestyle and interesting news

Social Media Tools

Primal Scream band social media accounts are busy; however, focus will be on Facebook and mailing list and later on Tumblr and YouTube, which are significant in creating online communities that influence fan base (Silver 5). The Primal Scream social media is highlighted as:


The Facebook fun page has more than 200,000 funs engaging through daily communication. It is the main communication platform in ensuring people reach the desired destinations outside Facebook settings.


The twitter page has more than 75,000 followers and is mainly used for broadcast news from other platforms. Twitter is also used in discovering other related topics that are of interest to Primal Scream followers and engaging them (Michelson and Sofus).

Mailing List

The page URL is Subscribers to the mailing list are located across the globe but much focus needs to be in the UK, especially the area near London. This will be achieved through the application of the Topspin widget in expanding the targeted audience.


The Tumblr web URL is, which will be useful in enhancing the band’s overall image and viewpoint. This platform will incorporate at least 5 media posts and links in a day as well as other reblogs.

You Tube

The You Tube URL is and has numerous subscribers and views. In as much as this will be incorporated, it is important to note that building a community on this platform can be time consuming. Therefore, most fans will be redirected to the mailing list through a free download that acts as a bait as well as the Topspin iFrame mechanics.


Primal Scream Website

The website page URL is with numerous visits from people. This is the best primary place for adding all information regarding the band, especially for sale reasons according to our plan. This will incorporate more campaigns and blogs to get high traffic online.

Promotion and Fun Acquisition


In each month, the band will release a new single video hit that will be enhanced by new media content performed at different exceptional paces. The hit music will later on be given for free, but the costly product will be sold with a personal touch, for example, in the website subscription. This is intended to bring traffic to the hone website. The content in the website can be easily used to convert the traffic to signups with the help of the above social media sites.

Owned Media

The organization website will be used for presenting the new songs and other previous materials. This will also invite more visitors to sign up for mailing services through Topspin to get free new content. The process can be attained by using sound cloud/You Tube Screaming widgets and social networking sites.

Die For 9 Website

This represents a distinct website that will provide information about the next performance for the band as well as displaying easy buttons that will enable fans to easily buy tickets, content for past performance, and a sign up invitation. This platform will give free instruction on the latest introduced experiences like free tickets. Its main intention is creating a special cult on the new performances.

Social Media

Social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr will specifically be used as communication platforms in redirecting people to the websites (Neti 6). Widgets will not be applied in these sites as a result of the space allowed to post information. The websites are well placed to give the direction due to their optimized communication ability. Each social site will have a link to the website with shares and retweets, and thus, there is a need to keep information fresh.


Emails will also be used to give information to the insiders of Prima Scream about new activities and releases and shows. Besides that, they will also be engaged to provide more information on issues beyond music with an aim of filtering them.

Paid Media

Facebook Advertising: It is a targeted source of traffic that is used to support the word of mouth advertising. This can be in form of sponsored stories that inspire action, Facebook ads, split testing and targeting, which will target audiences around London incorporating their culture and magazines.

Rented Media

Blog Posts: These are blogs in third party websites that enhance exposure and online word of mouth promotion. These are important in enhancing promotion of the brand event on guests posts and other editorials. This will include writing content for London Music blogs, lifestyle blogs, captivating news blogs, and articles that will provide information related to the music events that are likely to be selected by journalists and bloggers.


Strategy: Every single release will be a treated as an event to break the monotony of the parties. This means that there will be several other activities besides the musical scale.

Landing Page: This band website page will have the latest songs release, Topspin widget to facilitate leads and sharing buttons before, during and after the album release event.

Creative Activities: These are nuggets that will come along with each release, which will trigger people to talk about the coming album and how it is expected to be. These activities are aimed at engaging the audiences to arouse curiosity and make the album release event great.

Post Release

All the releases cannot stand on their own but will require a connection with the previous and coming releases. This will require a follow up for each single campaign that will enable the album to have vivacity and permanence sale in the future. This will incorporate activities, such as email follow ups in showing appreciation to audiences, media shares for audiences to continue sharing their experiences and connecting with each other, as well as monitoring reactions to improve on the performance.


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