Sample Marketing Paper on Localization Tactics

Localization Tactics

Understanding the Brazilian Market

The Brazilian market has different unique qualities that show the level of growth in the country. Notably, the market displays a rich history of trade that has not only increased the number of settlers in the state but also developed its economy to one of the best in the world (ProQuest, 2010). Various aspects of the market, including culture, society, people, and the customs, depict characteristics of an emerging market that has the potential to raise the competitive levels of business. Notably, Brazil is rich in agriculture, minerals, pleasant climate and an increasing population that provides a serene environment for the development of corporates.  Adjusting to the to the Brazilian market would require the Chick Fill A  company  to evaluate  the  market  and determine the types of  meals that it can  include in their Manu to attract more customers.

Areas of Adjustment

The Brazilian culture values socialization concepts that include food, people, and family.  Additionally, it has adapted to specific meals such as coffee, milk, palm oil and meat that defines its people’s ways of life (Salvador et al., 2014).  Chick Fill A company in brazil concentrates on specific meals such as nuggets, sandwiches and salads that do not correspond to the culture of the local residents (Chick-fil-A, 2018). Thus, it is essential to adjust the meals and nutritional methods of the country through the introduction of other foods of great value to the Brazilian culture.  The restaurant should be established in a densely populated area, such as the outskirts of urban areas, where most of the middle and lower class population reside to achieve the said objective. The most appropriate marketing techniques to be used is the Value Addition Method, which requires the business to adopt unique customer service methods that will not only increase its competitiveness but also change the perception of the community towards its meals.

Specific Areas of the Change

The identified changes that should be implemented by Chick Fill A should concentrate on the meals and social life of the Brazilian people. Since the culture of the country encourages increased interactions and recreation, focusing on the meals will provide the business with a competitive edge in the market.




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