Sample Marketing Paper on NIKE NEW IMC Program


A lot of innovation has been applied to market Nike using billboards, television, magazines and other traditional media. The advertising of Nike has majorly relied on aesthetics of the company’s flagship products. This program is aimed at using creativity to reach potential market using the conventional media.


Most advertising uses traditional media. It is dependent on passing on subliminal messages to the audience, which then comes to life when the consumer is about to make a purchase. The company, therefore, has to depend on creativity to come up with creative slogans that will be memorable and associated with the products of the company. An example of a slogan that has worked very well for the brand is “Just Do It.”  The slogan that will be used for advertising in this integrated marketing communication is “Do It for You, Do It for All.” The reason for this slogan is to act as a continuity for the previous campaign and also espouse inclusivity that is demonstrated by the broad portfolio of Nike’s products. The objective of this advertising drive is to reach out to consumers that are not aware of Nike’s products and also those that might have forgotten about the brand. The media strategy for advertising will include billboards at prime spots in as many cities as possible in the 160 countries where Nike is recognized. It will also include the television, especially on sports, health, fitness and lifestyle channels. The content on the televisions will entail short videos of people relating how they have used Nike products to improve their lives.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing will entail the use of social media and banners on the internet to reach out to potential customers. Customized adverts will be directed to potential clients based on their activity online. The activities of the users online are used by artificial intelligence to customize the adverts directed to them. The AIs are used by internet-based companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media companies. These social media platforms have a lot of following, providing Nike with a global audience. The key words that Nike will use to detect potential clients include sports, sports apparels, sportswear, sports gear, shoes, fitness, gym, exercise, hiking, football, basketball, and all the other sports and activities where Nike apparel and accessories can be used. These keywords will be detected automatically and Nike adverts with the relevant products shown to the clients in form of banners or as entries in the timelines of social media users. The internet is accessible on a global scale, thanks to smartphones and stronger connectivity infrastructure. The message in the online adverts will be the same as that of conventional advertisements, only that the online platform is more flexible and dynamic. It is capable of handling video and other multimedia that will be used to promote Nike products.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing allows a brand to communicate with customers through phone calls, emails, fliers, brochures, text messages and targeted online ads. Direct marketing has more to do with informing the customers about new products as opposed to persuading them to continue being loyal customers. Presently, consumers are bombarded with thousands of adverts everyday that they have learned to block unconsciously from their attention. Direct marketing gets back the attention of customers and has the potential of creating a need in them that was not there earlier on. Therefore, direct marketing is a good tool for expanding the market and growing the customer base. Direct marketing for Nike will be done in markets where the brand is not well known. These markets include Africa and South East Asia where Nike’s presence is limited. Online presence in the form of emails and targeted ads will be the main form of communicating with consumers in these regions where internet connectivity is a recent phenomenon. When carrying out direct marketing, it is important to respect the privacy of the consumers. Hence, discretion will be used to get the permission of the potential clients before they are contacted further.

Sales Promotion

The aim of sales promotion is to encourage the customer to hasten their purchase decision. Sales promotions work best in markets where the brand is already established and also faces competition from rival brands. The approach of sales promotion that will be used is giving the customers a gift with every purchase. The gifts will include armbands, key holders, umbrellas and Nike themed cups. These are low cost gifts that will attract the customers and make them want to purchase more of the brand. A second approach that will be use to encourage customers is the use of coupons from sports and lifestyle magazines. The use of the coupons will be limited to the products at Nike Stores.

Public Relations

Nike has had effective public relations over the years. The brand has promoted and sponsored various sports for a long time and continues to do so. The company is also involved in campaigns for fitness and health, creating awareness among the consumers on how they can best use the brand’s products to improve their health and general wellness. Nike has also taken the frontline in environmental conservation efforts in the sourcing of raw materials for the manufacture of apparels and shoes. The company will continue with the efforts aimed at improving communities and the environment as a whole. The brand is bent on scoring highly on social responsibility and will give endorsement to individuals that demonstrate the same.


Nike is an iconic brand that has global recognition. It uses massive resources in marketing, having spent about $3.6 billion in 2018. The integrated marketing communication program is estimated to raise the marketing budget for the brand by $0.5 billion. Advertising and internet marketing will consume most of the resources, as the brand will have to partner with other global companies such as the social media companies.