Sample Marketing Paper on studying market research

You are studying market research and your insights gained will allow
you to prepare a market research report that you will use to present to
key stakeholders. Please note that your insights and recommendations
are imperative for convincing management to give you resources and
or to make changes to a flagship brand which may have serious
consequences if your insights are not valid.
Current Conditions:
I have provided the data, in your folder, and you may work as a team of
The research was obtained after the researchers and management met
to discuss a research protocol to obtain information from their target
Please note that management and researchers must develop the right
questions which will be critical for obtaining the right information
necessary to aid with recommending a strategy.
Company X Objective:
Company X wants to increase their overall revenue and they are not
sure about the approach. Is it one of the following or a combination?
The research data in your folder will aid you with your
– Price increase
– New programs
– Bundle programs
– New Members