Sample Marketing Paper on Successes in Marketing in Kuwait

Kuwait is among the top 100 economies globally with a considerable investment in the oil and petroleum sector. With the developments in the oil and petroleum industry, the nation’s economy has improved significantly, and it has vast potential for both local and international shareholders. The success of most businesses within Kuwait stems from the best marketing approaches that they adopt to enhance operations and exposure of the companies to customers through marketing. Three of the most commonly considered and successful marketing means for the Kuwaiti enterprises include social media, content marketing, and advertising and sales promotion.

Social media marketing has become critical in the modern day corporate environment. The majority of consumers are the youth. They are extremely tech-savvy and they spend a lot of time on social media. Therefore, it makes sense that most of the corporations in Kuwait have resorted to the mentioned platform to market their products and services. The M. H. Alshaya Co. is one of the companies that have revolutionized the aspect of social media marketing in the nation. One of the latest advertisements that the organization has created is that of the introduction of the TEKZONE (“Alshaya”). The website allows people to connect with the firm through affiliated social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. All the information shared on the corporation’s webpage is also accessible on the related social sites.

Content marketing has been adopted by Cobone as a tool of increasing its reach to the customers. One of the major growth strategies of Cobone in increasing digital marketing was the announcement of some of the new technology the company was seeking to introduce in the market. Cobone, which is a Kuwait-based firm, has invested in providing its customers and followers prestigious sites that they can visit to learn more about it (“New In”). The announcement of the new entertainment technology and tools that are modern and more interactive led to a high purchase of its products once they entered the market. Its website offers recommendations that equip users with the knowledge they require to find the products that are best suited for them. Customers visit the Cobone website to learn more about new systems being introduced in the Kuwait market, which to the company helps it connect with more customers seeking information and content related to various products.

Advertising and sales promotions are some of the oldest modes of marketing products and services around the world. Corporations have different means of mounting advertising and sales promotion campaigns. For example, TOTALSCo is one of the companies that many other companies within Kuwait have turned to for marketing their products. TOTALSCO have established a huge market presence, which offers other companies a more definitive marketing platform for their products. Additionally, some enterprises have chosen to outsource their advertising and marketing services to the agencies to reduce the costs of developing own adverts. Thanks to it, firms are guaranteed value for their money, and they get quality advertisements that are quite appealing to clients. Businesses can also conduct own campaigns instead of partnering or outsourcing.

The Kuwaiti market continues to adapt to the changes in the global scene. Technology is the cause of the major shift in preferences and trends of clients. Companies such as Alshaya, Cobone, and TOTALSCO are adopting online marketing to increase their ability to offer customers an appealing platform they can easily relate to while making purchases. The continued application of the conventional methods of marketing provides organizations huge benefits regarding connecting with customers, learning about the current changes within the market, and adjusting to the new systems within the market that are vital for the success and development of their businesses.



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